Recovering After Total Joint Replacements in Cutler Bay

When you go through a joint replacement, you probably feel like every mobility issue you suffer from is over. It doesn’t matter if this procedure was on your hip or knee, total joint replacements in Cutler Bay do not represent the be all end all in mobility treatment. The unfortunate reality is that your new joint will require continuous attention, as well as care to maintain normal function.

Although the latest joint replacement prosthetics use innovative, durable materials, proper rehabilitation remains a crucial part of any successful joint replacement procedure. Rehabilitation helps you build up strength in the muscles that surround the joint. This will help you return to your normal, daily activities.

Physicians recommend you start moving your new joint very soon after total joint replacements in Cutler Bay. They may even get you moving the day of the operation. The doctor could ask you to sit up on the bed, possibly even stand or walk some steps with assistance.

After a joint replacement procedure, a doctor will typically recommend a visit to a qualified physical therapist. You will work with them on some simple exercises such as pumping your ankles or tensing and relaxing your thighs.

Progressive Therapy Center wants to help patients of total joint replacements in Cutler Bay. By sharing the following information, we hope to inform you about somethings to expect, as well as outline the numerous benefits that physical therapy rehabilitation can provide after a procedure.

Getting the Most out of Your New Joint

Physical and occupational therapy play a key role in helping individuals that receive total joint replacements in Cutler Bay. The most common procedures occur on the knee, hip, and shoulder. These same techniques may also assist individuals who remain limited in the daily lives due to acute and chronic pain from all types of arthritis.

Physical therapy treatment can help you restore your overall range of motion, strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, self-care skills, as well as your ability to perform daily activities at your former level. Specialists can offer you education and assistance to help you begin walking and climbing stairs, get in or out of a chair or car, and even tie your shoes.

Physical therapists can identify proper corrective devices after total joint replacements in Cutler Bay. For many, a cane may seem like a cane. However, after total joint replacement, canes and walkers serve as unique assistive devices that suit your specific needs.

Rehabilitation will begin almost as soon as the surgical procedure is over. Your doctor will want you up and moving your new joint as soon as possible for the best, finalized results.

Every day, a physical therapist can guide you through specialized exercises. Their goal is helping you strengthen your muscles. They can also show you how to move around and complete daily activities. However, this could be with the aid of an assistive device like a cane or walker.

Intervention from physical therapy immediately after surgery will assist your long-term mobility while ensuring you move safely on your brand new joint. Early mobilization can help prevent a variety of complications that may include pneumonia, blood clots, and contracture in the new joint.

Rehabbing at Home

The ultimate goal of physical therapy after total joint replacements in Cutler Bay is making sure you can care for yourself at home, in addition, to understand and perform exercises on your own. A physical therapy professional can help you use your new assistive device. This will ensure that you navigate safely after your procedure.

If you go through total joint replacements in Cutler Bay, you remain responsible for the majority of the total recovery. Without following a physical therapist’s instructions or at-home regimen, you will not experience a successful joint replacement surgery.

As you joint strength and range of motion improve, physical therapy continues to progress with you. Soon enough you will discover that you can return to your typical daily activities. Albeit with less pain than you experienced before the surgical procedure.

If you follow the guidelines provided by your physical therapy center (like our team at Progressive Therapy), you can certainly experience the benefits of total joint replacements in Cutler Bay. You can feel stronger and stronger as time goes on, happy with your new joint, as well as renewed activity level.

Rehabilitation for Total Joint Replacements in Cutler Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

You may experience pain following joint replacement surgery. Nonetheless, this will gradually decrease over time. A physical therapist from our team at Progressive Therapy Center can discuss your recovery with you. This includes any goals and past medical history as they assess your gait, strength, and range of motion.

With the information that a physical therapist gains from this analysis, they can cultivate a comprehensive care plan that remains in line with your goals. Every patient remains unique. For this reason, a physical therapist should devise a unique care plan for their needs. Some patients might require only a few rehabilitative visits while others need more.

Our team focuses on helping individuals recover in a welcoming, comfortable environment. We can create a plan that enables you to achieve your post-surgical goals in an acceptable time frame. For more information on how we can help with a rehabilitative program for total joint replacements in Cutler Bay, contact Progressive Therapy Center to schedule a consultation!