Hand Therapy & Rehabilitation in Pinecest – Palmetto Bay & Doral, FL

Throughout our everyday lives, accidents and injuries can happen. When these situations occur, you may require treatment from a qualified healthcare professional. At Progressive Therapy Center, our team of trained therapists and physicians can offer a wide variety of treatments and services to patients in need.

Hand therapy imparts effective treatment when patients suffer from adverse scenarios that impact their hands and/or upper extremities. This form of therapeutic intervention can help these patients regain a former, ideal level of productivity, independence, and overall quality of life.

Progressive Therapy Center hand therapists wield unique skills and training to treat these injuries while employing the latest techniques and modernist treatment modalities available in modern occupational and physical therapy today.

At our center, located in the heart of Pinecrest, you can appreciate the healing touch that our therapists provide. We also gladly serve patients based in Miami and Palmetto Bay. Through advanced study, we specialize in providing analysis and care for those that suffer from conditions that affect the hand up to the should in the most comfortable, welcoming environment possible.

This involves assessing an injured limb before designing a unique, individual treatment program. We rely on various treatment technique to help patients recover, focusing on comprehensive health, wellness, and functionality.

A Rehabilitation Center for Hands and Upper Extremities

Patients that suffer from wounds, burns, congenital deformities, and fractures can benefit from hand injury therapy. These circumstances may arise due to an accident, injury, or trauma. Additionally, hand therapy extends to individuals that represent hand or arm amputees, assisting these patients with management in postural exercise, strength, as well as prosthetic training.

Progressive Therapy Center physical therapy regimens incorporating hand therapy also support and aid those that suffer from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and trigger finger. Hand injury therapy helps to alleviate negative symptoms associated with these conditions, and those related to chronic conditions like arthritis.

The numerous advantages of hand therapy include:

  • Customized splinting and orthotics
  • Assistance with acute or chronic pain
  • Home- or work-oriented care plans focusing on strength and range of motion
  • Non-surgical, noninvasive, therapeutic intervention, analysis, and treatment
  • Reduction of nerve sensitivity
  • Specialized tools and equipment to help patients accomplish routine, daily activities
  • Training that enables patients to return to work

Why Choose Progressive Therapy Center?

Progressive Therapy Center hand therapy programs incorporate dedicated effort exclusive focusing on upper extremities and injuries. This physical therapy intervention involves very specific, detailed anatomical training and knowledge of the hand, wrists, and upper arm. Although our facility is located in Pinecrest, we treat patients in Palmetto Bay, as well as all across the Miami area and throughout the South Florida community.

Hand injury therapy is an evolution of both occupational and physical therapy. This specialty is the ideal solution to offer patients quality rehabilitation related to the hand and arm, in addition to care for the following:

  • Amputation of the arm, finger, or hand
  • Bone fractures
  • Injured tendons, nerves, and other tissue
  • Neurological conditions and disorders
  • Repetitive motion disorders like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow
  • Wounds

When a hand therapist administers care, this begins with a full evaluation of a patient’s conditions, including the affected bodily area. This enables the physical therapist to individualize treatment to their patient’s goals and needs.

As patients progress through the program, OTs and PTs can modify treatment as necessary throughout to maximize their outcome, as well as how they use the injured and/or affected extremity.

Hand Injury Therapy from Progressive Therapy Center

It doesn’t matter if a patient requires orthopedic, or neurological assistance, Progressive Therapy Center will provide treatment, in addition to therapy. We strive to maintain a familiarity with the latest technologies and techniques. As a result, we can give the patients preeminent short- and long-term quality care.

With a visit to our beautiful outpatient clinic, we welcome you as a part of our family from the moment you step through our doors. Although our facility remains most convenient for residents of Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and Miami the location on the east side of Dixie Highway remains within reach of patients throughout the Miami community.

Our philosophy is to not only provide a preeminent level of hands-on care but also consistently striving for comprehensive patient satisfaction. As a patient, individuals will meet one-on-one for skilled, hands-on care, employing the modernist tools and techniques, uniquely customized for upper extremity injuries and disorders.

To learn more about hand therapy & rehabilitation from our dedicated and professional staff from Progressive Therapy Center in Pinecrest – Palmetto Bay & Doral, contact us today!