Achieve Pain Relief with Physical Therapy and Exercise

Physical therapy and exercise represent essential components to virtually any back or neck pain treatment. While physical therapy and exercise frequently serve as the first line of treatment for chronic pain, other times therapeutic modalities treatment in South Miami ideally help manage chronic pain and provide rehabilitation for post-surgery patients.

However, did you know that this treatment form plays an essential role to help relieve pain? Physical therapy and exercise demonstrate a mainstream, nonsurgical method to assist patients with neck and back pain.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center want to impart some information on some steps you can take to achieve pain relief. Many include incorporating forms of physical therapy and exercise as a therapeutic modalities treatment into your routine.

Find the Right Resource for Help

Depending on your specific condition, you may need the assistance of a qualified healthcare professional. This individual can help you cultivate a list of appropriate activities to do, as well as which to avoid. They will also instruct you on the best possible exercise program for your needs.

Other professionals may provide physical therapy provisions. These professions include physical therapists, chiropractors, in addition to physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. The medical community refers to the latter as physiatrists.

Alleviate your Acute Pain Before you Start an Exercise Regimen

When you experience extensive pain, beginning exercise as rehabilitation and recovery may pose some difficulty. A treatment specialist for your therapeutic modalities treatment in South Miami may employ any of the following pain relief techniques:

  • Manual manipulation
  • Massage therapy
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound

You might also require supplemental treatment to help you significantly reduce your pain. The aforementioned modalities impart one singular goal: providing patients with enough pain relief to assist their transition into an active exercise program.

Seek Encouragement

A common belief that we see at Progressive Therapy Center, is that patients with back pain should abstain from any physical activity. Consequently, active rehabilitation is the best possible resource to help you manage your condition.

Many of your friends and family members may attempt to convince you to rest when your exercises result in your struggle. Nonetheless, ensure you explain the situation ahead of time so they can understand precisely how to support and encourage your progress.

Beginning Your Physical Activity

For any chronic or acute pain condition whatsoever, exercise is crucial for healing, maintenance, and success. While you utilize some of your spinal support muscles every day in your life, many do not receive adequate exercise. Your daily activity does not represent enough to properly work these muscles out. As a result, they weaken with age unless you specifically target them in exercise regimens.

Any rehabilitating exercise program for your back pain should include some combination of stretches, strengthening modalities, as well as low-impact aerobics. You can also consider beginning water therapy.

Water therapy involves employing activities and exercises that ordinarily pose difficulty on land. However, when you perform these methods in the water, you will find them far more tolerable. The water provides a therapeutic pain relief effect, while additionally preparing you for more strenuous routines.

Prepare yourself for Initial Discomfort

When you start a regimen to help you with neck or back pain, or you suffer from a chronic pain condition, this endeavor will mark increased pain during the initial phases.

Nonetheless, the pain you experience should reflect “good pain”. You should expect a small degree of pain or discomfort as a natural part of the increased activity. After all, you are stretching your stiff tissues and using your muscles in ways that have become unfamiliar over time.

This sensation is similar to what you might experience after enduring a tough workout. This is a signal that your body is getting better, as well as stronger.

Nevertheless, if your pain is severe, reassess your regimen. Discuss these experiences with your health care or physical therapy professional. It might mean that one of the exercises is resulting in pain or discomfort. This could also mean that you need to improve your form.

Only you wield the responsibility of determining what discomfort is normal, or what pain level is a signal to your body that you need to stop the program.

Pace Yourself

When you return to physical activity after a pain episode or surgery, ensure that you pace yourself. Relapsing with severe pain is a real danger. This can occur as you begin your day with minimal pain but go to bed with something far worse.

A healthy approach to your rehabilitation is pacing your activities. Do this no matter how you feel to keep your pain managed and ensure you avoid potential flare-ups.

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in South Miami

Regardless if you use these methods alone, or supplemental with other treatments, they represent essential methods to help you reduce and manage your overall pain level. They additionally help you sustain long-term recovery, preventing future pain recurrences.

Progressive Therapy Center is a patient-centric physical therapy facility located in the heart of Pinecrest in the South Florida area. Our goal is to help patients achieve the best possible rehabilitation results in a comfortable environment.

For this reason, our team provides therapeutic modalities treatment in South Miami. Utilizing evidence-based research, as well as modern technologies combined with manual techniques, we can help you achieve a preeminent recovery.

For more information on therapeutic modalities treatment in South Florida, contact our team today!