What is Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Pinecrest?

A modality is an application of a therapeutic agent. This is normally applied by a specialist to produce a physiological response or change. For this reason, the treatments that Progressive Therapy Center provides for patients for their musculoskeletal issues represent modalities.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center want to impart some information concerning some common therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest that we provide to our patients. We perform these techniques in a physical therapy setting. While this list does not include every modality, it does provide many that we commonly use.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation involves employing an adjustable electronic current to help reduce muscle spasms. We can accomplish this by regulating and modulating contraction rhythms. This helps patients increase their strength in weak muscles in addition to tissues. It additionally increases blood flow to the area as the muscle contracts.

This procedure and blood flow stimulation therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest promotes healing. Progressive Therapy Center commonly utilizes this method as an excellent post-surgery or injury modality.

Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

TENS employs a small, battery-operated device to deliver mild electronic currents. This sensation is similar to electronic stimulation that we provide at our center. The device delivers the current through electrodes that a specialist will apply directly to the patient’s skin.

A patient will feel a small tingling sensation from the current that helps moderate discomfort. This therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest accomplishes this by disrupting pain signals from the afflicted areas to the brain.

The procedure is very helpful for muscle spasms, as well as chronic pain that a patient cannot treat with exercise or medication. TENS does not require a physical therapist to operate. It is additionally portable and adjustable anywhere a patient may travel.

Hot Packs

We keep hot packs in a steamer, wrapping them with towels before placing them onto the patient’s skin. The stream from the hot pack cultivates a moist environment. Along with the heat, the steam penetrates tight and sore muscles. This treatment relaxes these muscles and stimulates blood flow in afflicted areas. Hot packs represent the ideal treatment for muscle spasms, strains, and arthritis.

Cold Packs

We keep our cold packs in a cold box before wrapping them in either a dry or wet towel prior to applying them to a patient. The cold from the pack reduces blood flow as well as inflammation. This provides pain relief for a patient. The swelling reduction is beneficial for post-surgery patients and anyone with acute strains and sprains.


Progressive Therapy Center uses ultrasounds to transmit sound waves into painful areas. The sound waves relax and warm the tissues leading to blood flow stimulation. This therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest is ideal for muscle spasms and alternative trigger points.


Traction involves a specialist using modulated force to pull the patient’s body either lengthwise or longitudinally. Our team uses this method to pull apart spinal vertebrae, helping to relieve pressure on compressed nerves.

As a result, this method can reduce pain and inflammation. A specialist may apply the treatment either manually or using a special traction machine. Traction is employed for cervical and lumbar portions of the spine.

Low-Level Lasers

Red-beam light detects resistances in a patient’s tissue. This therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center we often apply in conjunction with electrical stimulation. We use it for both acute and chronic pain situations. This might include pain control, reducing scar tissue, or decreasing edema.

Dry Needling

Our physical therapists use dry needling to release myofascial trigger points and alleviate tight muscles. It involves employing a monofilament needle and helps patients reduce pain while improving their overall range of motion.

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

Modalities represent therapeutic tools that a physical therapist can use to help patients recover from numerous conditions. These include surgery and injury recovery, in addition to conditions that result in pain or dysfunction. By utilizing therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest, Progressive Therapy Center can help patients return to the activities they enjoy most.

Progressive Therapy Center dedicates their services to provide patients with the ultimate physical therapy experience. We assist both orthopedic and neurological patients. Our expert staff combines manual therapy approaches with the latest technologies. This enables us to provide the best possible level of preeminent care.

When diagnosing patients, our team uses evidence-based research to determine optimal treatments and techniques. This maximizes the final results of our patient-centric care.

Our goal is to help patients recover from their injuries as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Nonetheless, the environment is often important in these situations. For this reason, we offer patients a beautiful outpatient clinic in the heart of Pinecrest.

This welcoming environment provides the latest technologies to help patients recover in a welcoming environment. Using these technologies, we take a scientific approach to maximizing patient recoveries.

Our team is comprised of experts in the field of physical therapy. With the decades of combined experience and specialties we wield, your care is always in capable hands during and after any treatment or procedure.

For more information on our therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest, as well as how we can help your circumstances, contact Progressive Therapy Center today! Our goal is helping you recover from an injury or surgical procedure as comfortable as possible. We want you feeling better when you exit our doors than when you arrive. Using our treatments and technologies, we ensure a smooth efficient recovery.