Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Kendall Explained

In addition to therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and other treatment methods, physical therapists will employ several varied methods for therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall. This is often to reduce pain, stimulate healing while restoring overall function.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center would like to impart some information on different options for therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall. This includes information about their applications and some expected outcomes.


Ultrasound is an FDA-approved therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall that serves numerous uses. These might include fracture healing, thrombus dissolution, in addition to treating plantar fasciitis, and epicondylitis.

A specialist takes a hand-held transducer in a circular motion over a specific injured area. This transducer produces sound waves that reside at too high a pitch for humans to hear. These sound waves heat up tendons and soft tissues while stimulating blood flow. For this reason, the process additionally propagates cleaning due to the increased circulation.


Phonophoresis is an application of ultrasound that enhances topical treatment delivery. The therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall enhances topical medication delivery. Phonophoresis enhances dexamethasone absorption. Dexamethasone is a glucocorticoid that specialists use for its anti-inflammatory properties.

When a specialist applies Phonophoresis, they combine their chosen medication with a gel. They will then rub this mixture into the affected area. The ultrasound waves dilate the blood vessels in these areas and result in enhanced uptake of the medication into the bloodstream.

Electronic Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a general term for several modalities that involve specialists attaching electrodes to a patient’s skin. This therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall is an optimal method to assist patients with pain relief, as well as functional improvement. Electronic stimulation can even assist patients with neurological disorders.


This is an electrical stimulation modality that is very similar to Phonophoresis. The electrical current that a specialist employs helps push topical medication through the skin and into the bloodstream. Progressive Therapy Center often employs this method to help reduce inflammation, prevent muscle spasms, or break up painful mineral deposits.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, is a common method to help patients manage both acute and chronic pain. Various frequencies activate a variety of pain receptors in the patient’s body, sending non-painful stimulation to the brain from the injured tissues.


Dry heat is a reliable treatment for subacute, as well as chronic injuries. Heat also alleviates delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Dissimilar to ultrasound and other assorted deep heating modalities, this therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall significantly impacts only the skin, fat, and other superficial tissue. However, this local effect is enough to decrease pain, and enable pain-free movement.

Moist Heat

Moist heat is an additional superficial heat therapy method. In most cases, a therapist will simply apply a damp head pack to the injured area. This works via the same mechanisms that aid dry heat. However, moist heat often penetrates deeper and fast into injured tissues. For this reason, the therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall demonstrates faster and more significant functional improvements.


Contrary to heat, cold and ice therapy reduces blood flow as well as inflammation during the acute healing phases. This method additionally reduces and prevents swelling of an injured tissue following exercise. Cold applications represent useful post-exercise care. In most cases, a physical therapist will apply heat first to cultivate mobility, then apply the ice to reduce the inflammatory response.

Light Therapy

Light therapy modalities involve applying lasers with light-emitting diodes to injured tissues. Different light types work in different ways. However, they all exert their effects on chromophores. These genes in our bodies are light-absorbing molecules that are similar to chlorophyll in plants.

Chromophores use absorbed light energy to create cellular energy that we use to synthesize enzymes, DNA, RNA, and other bodily repair materials. Light therapy is effective for numerous applications including carpal tunnel, chronic lower back pain, and healing wounds.

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

A modality is any therapeutic tool that a physical therapist employs to help their patients’ recovery from a condition. This includes surgery and injury recovery, as well as any condition that results in pain or dysfunction.

By employing therapeutic modalities treatment in Kendall, Progressive Therapy Center strives to help patient’s return to their daily lives, as well as the activities they enjoy most. Through our dedication to our patients, we can help cultivate a swift and efficient recovery in the ultimate physical therapy experience.

Our team assists both neurological and orthopedic patients, combining manual therapy with the latest treatments and technology. When we diagnose patients, our experts study evidence-based research to help them determine the best course of action regarding treatment and techniques. This optimizes our preeminent care that we can offer any patient.

The ultimate goal is helping patients’ recovery from their injuries optimally, as comfortably as possible. Recovery environment is key in these situations. For this reason, our facility is a beautiful outpatient clinic in the heart of Pinecrest in the Miami area. Our welcoming facility offers patients the latest recovery options in an environment that is as comfortable as any day spa.

For more information on our therapeutic modalities treatment in Pinecrest, contact Progressive Therapy Center today! We can help you recover from essentially any injury or surgical procedure while maintaining your care in an optimally comfortable environment. We can help you feel your best when you exit our facility no matter your circumstances!