Common Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Cutler Bay

Discovering the stages of healing is a distressing, upsetting, yet motivating and uplifting endeavor. Regardless of how you feel, no reaction you display is inherently wrong. By acknowledging your emotional response to the vast and varied healing phases, you can harness your emotional energy.

Physical therapists often employ numerous different therapeutic tools to assist their patients’ recoveries. This concerns a wide berth of differing physical injuries and disorders, in addition to long-term chronic circumstances.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center want to provide some information concerning many of the options for therapeutic modalities treatment in Cutler Bay that we use. These modalities help patients recover from soft tissue injuries and disorders while increasing their functional range of motion, muscular strength, as well as improve their posture, body mechanics, walking capabilities, and balance.

A physical therapist is trained in the therapeutic application of various modalities. These agents may represent thermal, electrical, sound, light, or mechanical applications. Each one contributes to reducing pain, joint swelling, in addition to muscle spasms. This cultivates an environment inside the body that stimulates natural bodily healing and circulation, a derivative of increased blood flow to injured tissues.


Physical therapists employ ultrasound as a therapeutic modalities treatment in Cutler Bay to reduce local inflammation while promoting tissue healing. Ultrasound increases the blood supply in superficial tissues.

Electrical Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Cutler Bay

Our specialists employ this treatment for a variety of conditions. Electrical therapy reduces pain and inflammation while stimulating natural healing. Electrical treatment also promotes nerve and muscle function, muscle re-education, and sensory integrative therapy. This method is well researched by the medical community, providing a non-painful method for physical therapy intervention.

Light Therapy

This treatment helps accelerate the healing processes at injury sites. Light therapy employs light energy at specific wavelengths. The procedure involves a therapy specialist holding a light-emitting wand over the injured tissues. The treatment is virtually painless and takes a few short minutes to experience results.

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Cutler Bay Exercises

In addition to the physical treatment modalities utilized in physical therapy, other procedures like exercise prescription, neuromuscular training, visual and electrical biofeedback, manual therapy, and soft tissue release exist to aid patients with the musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

These include:

Mechanical Traction

This is a longitudinal pull of multiple spinal segments to cultivate relieve of nerve irritation and muscle spasm. Physical therapists may use a machine on the cervical or lumbar spine using a neck halter or pelvic belt. During the process, the patient lies down throughout with the equipment attached to their body.

Traction is an ideal method for individuals suffering from lower back pain or neck pain. Physical therapists often employ this method after a patient suffers from a car accident. Using traction, a specialist can help to decrease your experienced pain while increasing your spine’s mobility.

They accomplish this by separating the joints and disc spaces in your lower back or neck. As a result, this separation leads to alleviated pressure on the spinal nerves.

Lumbar traction involves strapping a patient into a traction machine with a vest that supports the ribs. Patients will also wear a belt that wraps around their pelvic region. Once the patient secures the vest and belt, the specialist will apply force using a machine.

During cervical traction, a patient wears a harness around their head attached to a pulley system with a small weight. As the patient sits or lies down comfortable, the weight applies subtle traction force. This counterweight alleviates pressure on the cervical portions of the neck.

Manual Therapeutics

Physical therapists represent highly-trained professionals. They wield extensive skill at using manually-applied forced to alleviate pain while correcting joint impairments. These might include restricted motion or incorrectly positioning along the neuromusculoskeletal system.  Manual procedure is employed throughout a patient’s extremities in addition to the spinal column.

Patient Education

Many patients sustain injury due to overuse, or incorrect use. Unique stressors lead to the underlying, root causes of numerous physical therapy disorders. For this reason, Progressive Therapy Center provides therapeutic modalities treatment in Cutler Bay to help patients with their conditions.

We routinely discuss these issues in an attempt to educate and train our patients for a number of points that include:

  • Posture correction
  • Daily living activities
  • Body mechanics including lifting and bending
  • Occupational therapy
  • Bed and body mobility
  • Gait
  • Balance recovery and fall prevention
  • Lower back pain management

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Cutler Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Therapeutic Modalities Treatment in Cutler Bay involves our specialists using physical tools to help our patients recover from unfortunate pain conditions. Our provisions include assisting post-surgery patients, those afflicted with chronic pain conditions, as well as those recovering from injury.

We can help patients suffering from any condition that results in their pain or neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. Our team strives to assist our patients’ swift return to their daily activities in a comfortable environment. To achieve this, we utilize evidence-based research, as well as a combination of modern technology and manual applications.

Progressive Therapy Center assists neurological and orthopedic patients. We cultivate swift and efficient recoveries in a comprehensive physical therapy experience. For more information on how we can help you, as well as our therapeutic modalities treatment in Cutler Bay, contact our specialists today.

Our outpatient center can help you with a cultivated, preeminent outpatient experience on your journey to optimal recovery. We want you to experience a level of wellness far beyond what you feel before you enter the doors to our facility.