Therapeutic Modalities in South Miami – Involvement in Physical Therapy Care

Therapeutic Modalities in South MiamiThe majority of physical therapists in the United States will administer a variety of interventions aiming to help patients move and feel better. They typically utilize these treatments, or therapeutic modalities in South Miami to augment physical therapy programs. As a result, they can help patients regain their normal function and mobility.

A wide array of various therapeutic modalities in South Miami can help individuals strengthen, relax, and heal their muscles and tissues. The ones that a physical therapy specialist selects may ultimately depend on a patient’s unique condition, needs, as well as their overall rehabilitation goals.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to share some information on therapeutic modalities. This includes some common treatments, in addition to how they use them.

Cold Packs or Cryotherapy

A cold pack consists of a frozen gel substance that a physical therapist can employ to treat areas suffering from pain and inflammation. They will wrap the pack in a wet towel before applying it directly to the area where a patient requires treatment.

The freezing effect in the procedure gets transferred to a patient’s skin, muscle, and tissue. Cold packs, in conjunction with therapeutic modalities in South Miami, impart a significant beneficial effect.

As the tissue decreases in overall temperature, this leads to vasoconstrictions of the area’s blood vessels. Vasoconstrictions reduce inflammation because they close down local blood vessels and restrict the area’s blood flow. For this reason, patients experience decreased inflammation. This enables a PT to manage and even alleviate pain and swelling.

Physical therapists may also rely on cryotherapy by administering an ice massage. They can administer this procedure over injured tissue to help patients manage their pain or inflammation. Both the massaging treatment, as well as the cold temperature induces vasoconstriction alleviating various symptoms in relation to their condition.

Kinesiology Tape

K-Tape is a somewhat new intervention amongst the many therapeutic modalities in South Miami. Nonetheless, it is a successful, revolutionary treatment, especially in athletic training.

This procedure involves a PT administering a specialized cloth tape to a patient’s body to help them decrease their pain while improving circulation. It may also serve to facilitate optimal muscle function with some conditions. Patients may leave the tape in place for up to five days to benefit their condition.

Assistive Device Training

With any number of conditions and injuries, patients may require assistive devices. Therapeutic modalities in South Miami teaches patients to utilize orthotic and assistive devices to help educate them on utilizing these properly.

When patients undergo an amputation, PTs help them learn to move normally and properly with a prosthetic limb. This training and education extend to implementing and removing devices as well.

PTs may employ various devices to help their patients move optimally. They include:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Crutches
  • Braces
  • Canes
  • Walkers

For most patients, administering these devices helps them get around and complete daily tasks much easier. PTs may also recommend or implement devices for the upper body as well. This might include administrations like grabbers to help patients mimic using their very own, natural hands or arms.


Most people become familiar with ultrasound during childbearing. However, PTs rely on similar technology to utilize high and low-frequency sound waves transmitted into the tissue. These waves penetrate muscles to warm, deep layers of muscle, as well as tissue.

The treatment remains exceptionally useful to help patients treat their muscle tightness, in addition to spasming. The warming effect that ultrasound produces in therapeutic treatment modalities in South Miami results in blood vessel vasodilation and increased circulation.

Patients that rely on ultrasound in physical therapy experience swift, optimal healing. Ultrasound machines enable a PT to adjust the frequency that also decreases inflammation.

Therapeutic Modalities in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

Therapeutic modalities in South Miami can help patients feel and move better. Nonetheless, they should never replace active exercise in physical therapy for any condition. In fact, this approach remains intended and designed for supplemental treatment that augments traditional physical therapy care.

Most problems that arise as a result of physical limitations respond best to traditional care. With intervention of correct movement strategies and exercises that PTs prescribe, patients gain the best chance for optimal recovery concerning functional limitations.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients recover in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible. To learn more about what we can offer you regarding physical therapy and rehabilitation, contact us today!