Therapeutic Modalities in KendallHow Do Therapeutic Modalities in Kendall REALLY Help?

As physical therapy professionals, these trained individuals rely on therapeutic intervention approaches to evaluate and treat abnormal physical function. Most times, this remains related to injury, disability, disease, or other condition.

Therapeutic modalities in Kendall aim to help patients reduce their pain while promoting healing. These administrations augment traditional physical therapy programs involving standard exercises and rehabilitation methods.

Working in conjunction with therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular education, modalities work as helpful tools for physical therapists as they guide their patients towards recovery.

We can find physical therapists in a variety of healthcare settings. These might include outpatient facilities, private practices, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, sports and fitness providers, schools, hospices, occupational facilities, government buildings, research settings, and even conducting their practice in patient homes.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to outline some information on therapeutic modalities in Kendall. This includes outlining some common methods and their benefits for physical therapy patients. Read on to learn more.

What to Expect in Physical Therapy Care

Physical therapists work to help patients throughout each phase of their healing and recovery. This begins with an initial diagnosis and then carries on through the restorative and preventative phases concerning recovery. Although many looks at physical therapy as an independent, standalone approach, therapeutic modalities in Kendall can work harmoniously alongside as a supplemental support administration.

Some things that patients can expect with physical therapy care includes the following:

  • A physical examination and evaluation. A PT will take a patient’s health history before administering various procedures. These can include analyzing their posture, movement, flexibility, as well as the performance in their joints.
  • With this information, the PT can formulate a plan of care in both the short- and long-term. They will additionally impart a clinical diagnosis, seeking to remedy the root cause of a patient’s issues.
  • Care plans will typically involve a combination of therapeutic modalities in Kendall. This remains unique on a patient-by-patient basis and depends on their unique, individual condition and comprehensive health and wellness determination.

Various Therapeutic Modalities in Kendall

A PT can rely on a variety of techniques that they utilize to facilitate patient recoveries. Even when patients suffer from physical injury, disorders, or long- and short-term conditions, diverse treatment applications remain available to remedy their situation. Physical therapy works to comprehensively treat pain while helping the patient’s recovery in a way that doesn’t agitate the existing condition. Therapeutic modalities in Kendall can include the following:

Manual Traction

This intervention involves a physical therapist applying pressure to pull or distract spinal segments. The longitudinal application relieves nerve irritation and muscle spasm in addition to pressure on the spinal column. Manual traction is the ideal approach for individuals who suffer from determinable lower back and neck pain.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a common method that PTs relieve pain and suffering from physical therapy patients. While many people remain familiar with the stress-relieving benefits of a massage, therapeutic massage aims to reduce pain and muscle tension through improved circulation.

By applying pressure to afflicted, problem areas, a physical therapist can reduce swelling, and stretch adhesions while simultaneously restoring the patient’s lost or impaired mobility function.


This is possibly the most well-known facet of any physical therapy regimen. By getting patients moving again after an injury, PTs help improve their strength, range of motion, and functional independence.

It may seem like the healthiest thing to do with a pain condition or after an injury is to stay in bed and rest. Although some health remains necessary, it can actually prove detrimental to avoid using muscles and tissues that suffer from pain or restriction.

Movement improves circulation, and patients that require physical therapy often need to regain their former strength to extend and maximize rehabilitation. Furthermore, physical therapists may administer exercises that patients can perform at home to achieve the best possible results as time goes on.

Therapeutic Modalities in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical therapists remain focused on identifying and maximizing the quality of life within a neuromusculoskeletal spectrum and scope regarding their patients. This encompasses the entirety of the patient’s physical, psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Many times, a physical therapy approach bisects elements of occupational therapy. By combining approaches, the PT can help patients accomplish tasks they must do to continue with their daily lives, as well as their career tasks.

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