Rehabilitation for Tendon and Ligament Tears in Kendall

Physical therapy is becoming more popular as an initial treatment for tendon and ligament tears in Kendall. Despite not helping torn tendons and ligaments heal entirely, many now elect to utilize physical therapy modalities before surgery or other more invasive procedures.

Maybe you injured a tendon or ligament while playing a game of football or basketball with friends on the weekend. You might also sprain these areas falling off a bike or even walking around the house. No matter how you experienced the injury, physical therapy can represent a crucial role during the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation focuses on getting your body working back at full speed. It will help you improve how well injured areas move while easing your pain. PT might also help you prevent further, even permanent damage as time goes on.

Our team at Progressive Therapy Center want to provide some following information on tendon and ligament tears in Kendall, as well as how physical therapy can intervene on your road towards optimal health and wellness.

What to Expect From Rehabilitation for Tendon and Ligament Tears in Kendall

Physical therapists will utilize a various combination of techniques that aim to relieve pain while boosting coordination, strength, as well as flexibility. This often employs standard excise equipment like bikes, yoga balls, and treadmills.

They might also treat an injury using hot or cold applications. For more severe cases, a PT can also make recommendations for whirlpool baths, electrical stimulation, and massage.

Nonetheless, most patients receive instructions for exercise that they can perform at home to maximize results. Sticking with these remains crucial for the best possible outcome as these methods will help you heal better and faster in a safe way.

Regardless if you engage in physical therapy for tendon and ligament tears in Kendall as a conservative treatment, supplemental approach, or to heal after a surgical procedure, the goal remains helping you retain the former range of motion, strength, and control.

Many physical therapists begin treatment with exercises and movements that focus on restoring range of motion. These might include flexing and extending the afflicted area of your body as far as possible without pain.

They can then move on to stretched, and that keep your muscles loose and pliable, in addition to basic exercises. If you can do these without pain, the specialist will move you along with more advanced exercises.

Nevertheless, the beauty of rehabilitation is that it remains specially designed for your unique needs. This means that these steps may blur depending on your needs and ability. PTs might modify treatments at any time while you focus on healing.

This isn’t the time to tell yourself “no pain, no gain.” Instead, work towards accomplishing the basics before moving on to more advanced administrations without hurting.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation for Tendon and Ligament Tears in Kendall

Physical therapy after a surgical operation aims to get your body working normally and safely again. While you will receive treatment that a specialist designs specifically for your needs, their goal remains to help you safely in as short a time as possible.

During the first few weeks of post-surgical rehab, you will start trying to increase your body’s range of motion. If your injury requires crutches, your specialist will attempt to get you moving without them. Exercises will typically include some mild weight training and exercise biking.

This evolves after a few weeks into a program that will let you stretch and flex your joints as far as possible. Your goals will include improving your gait and posture, hopefully reaching pre-injury form.

If you injure a tendon or ligament, a serious tendon will still likely require surgery. However, you shouldn’t make an appointment to go under the knife just yet. Physical therapy for tendon and ligament tears in Kendall may represent your true path towards recovery.

Treatment for Tendon and Ligament Tears in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

As soon as you get better from your injury, you can likely get back to your typical everyday activities. Nonetheless, you should still take things easy for a while. Don’t just start at the most challenging level of activity that you possibly engaged in before the injury.

Your physical therapist will recommend building back up to your previous level slowly and stopping if these activities hurt. Warm up before any exercise, and ensure you properly stretch before and afterward. After an activity, apply ice to prevent any pain or swelling.

Tendon and ligament injuries can take weeks and even months to heal. It is essential to remain patient and stick with your treatment. If you start stressing the tendon or ligament too soon, this could result in more, even permanent damage.

Physical therapy’s success remains based in a place of trust. You must trust yourself, your body, and also your therapist. For this reason, finding a preeminent resource for rehabilitation for tendon and ligament tears in Kendall remains crucial to the best possible outcome.

Our team at Progressive Therapy Center focuses on helping patients recover from injury, conditions, and surgical procedures in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible. From the second you enter our Pinecrest-located practice, you will experience treatment as a member of our family.

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