Telemedicine Physical Therapy in Miami

A Guide to Telemedicine Physical Therapy in Miami

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, telemedicine is something many patients are discussing, and medical professionals are working hard to expand its accessibility.

As the interest in telemedicine surges, many patients have questions as to what it is and how telemedicine works. 

For this reason, our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to break down some of the latest information on telemedicine physical therapy in Miami and its benefits.

What is Telemedicine Physical Therapy in Miami?

Physical therapy intervention continually evolves along with telehealth technology. Telemedicine physical therapy in Miami transforms the way that patients can receive services. 

At one time, patients could only receive services during in-office visits. Modern software and technology now make it possible for physical therapists to offer flexible care for patients remotely. 

As a result, this capability improves appointment turnover and encourages the successful completion of physical therapy treatment programs.

Patients can now meet with a physical therapy specialist from their own home. This convenience is also beneficial to the physical therapist, who is analyzing the patient’s progress. 

A therapist can quickly address potential concerns and issues, as well as aid with exercises and other treatment interventions.

Despite the current circumstances which have forced physical therapists and patients to rely on telemedicine, the revolutionary methods it employs enables these groups to meet in real-time while ensuring HIPAA standards and guidelines compliance.

Patients consult with a physical therapist over high-resolution video and audio from their location. This technology reduces the need to take a trip to the care facility or take time waiting in a reception area. Physical therapists can monitor patient vitals, share images, studies, and more right there on the screen.

Anyone undergoing a physical therapy care plan stands to reap numerous benefits from telemedicine physical therapy in Miami. Patients that visit with a PT multiple times per week will appreciate the ability to meet treatment goals without directly visiting the office, especially in these trying times.

Finally, telehealth services from physical therapists offer patients the freedom to schedule appointments within their schedules.

These methods make it easier on patients that live in rural and far-away locations to receive quality care from their own home where they are most comfortable.

Greater Engagement, Improved Patient Outcomes

Achieving the best possible outcome in physical therapy largely depends on patient engagement.

In addition to saving patients time and physical therapists resources, telemedicine physical therapy in Miami helps PTs to increase their engagement and creativity while working with patients remotely.

When patients can consult and work with a physical therapist from the comfort of their homes, this is a win-win scenario. Providers gain some form of cost containment and efficiency gains while patients can benefit from more immediate treatment and diagnosis.

This technology also helps patients achieve autonomy, hopefully feeling more empowered regarding their care through telehealth mediums. Any physical therapist has valuable knowledge and skillsets. 

However, many times due to time constraints, they administer rudimentary approaches as opposed to genuinely dedicated time to educate and guide patients on why they must perform movements in a specific way, in addition to how it can help achieve success. 

With the right tools in place, patients can perform exercises and treatment at home. Telemedicine provides therapists information and understanding concerning how exercises and therapy help in the overall scope of at-home rehabilitation and recovery.

With telemedicine physical therapy in Miami, physical therapy specialists can achieve better patient outcomes, demonstrating their clinical value on a grander scale. This applies not only to fellow healthcare providers and practitioners but to the patient base as a whole as well.

Information on Telemedicine Physical Therapy in Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

We currently face unprecedented times in the United States and the world at large. “Social distancing” has quickly become the new normal, and every state faces the difficult choice of whether physical therapy care remains “essential” or not.

Nevertheless, physical therapy is essential in assisting patients with neuromusculoskeletal injuries and discharge planning. 

Telemedicine physical therapy in Miami continues to open doors to efficient and effective care delivery, even in the face of a global pandemic. 

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center proudly offers telehealth services to our patients in the South Florida community. To learn more about what we can offer, contact us today!