Reduce your Chance of Injury While Speeding Up Recovery

Athletes of varying skill levels may suffer from numerous different sports injuries. This can occur during practice, as well as in a game. Injuries occur due to stress from punishing training. Games may also lead to overuse injuries, aches, and pains, in addition to stiffness. These worsen when not treated promptly and properly.

An athlete doesn’t need to give up engaging in their favorite activity or sacrifice their overall performance due to an injury. By visiting a local chiropractor for sports injury prevention in Pinecrest, athletes can relieve their pain while improving their range of motion. This gives them a competitive edge utilizing regular spine adjustments and other specialized chiropractic modalities.

A common misconception regarding chiropractors is that they crack and pop backs. However, this opinion is merely untrue. Sports chiropractors represent the ideal source for any individual who requires sports injury prevention in Pinecrest or wants to increase their performance.

After all, football is the most popular sport in America, and over half of the NFL teams employ a sports chiropractor on their staff. Runners additionally benefit from sports injury prevention in Pinecrest. Suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, IT band issues, knee problems, and other common sports injuries, athletes can experience substantial benefits from chiropractic care.

Spinal Misalignments

Many sports-related injuries originate with spinal misalignment. This is often caused by unnecessary tension, or when muscles remain overworked and grow. Unnecessary tension builds up in tendons and tissues that reside between the bones. A common area concerning unnecessary tension is the pelvis. The pelvis marks the end of the spine, and when not in alignment, this leads to wear and tear on the body.

Different sports or activities may lead to misalignments in various parts of the spine. For example, football players experience improper alignments as a result of repetitive movements as well as swift, impactful movements.

However, an active sports injury is not the only contributor to misalignment in the spine and pelvis. When an individual sits in a single position for too long before engaging in athletic activity, their body may impart stiffness or tightness. While the muscles may remain tight on one side of the body, the other side is normal. This leads to shifts and tilts in the spine and pelvis.

Stopping Misalignment with Sports Injury Prevention in Pinecrest

Before an athlete performs any sport or exercise activity, your friends from Progressive Therapy Center can impart some information on ways to prevent stiff muscles. These include:

  • Moving around or switching positions throughout the day every 30 minutes.
  • Varying posture positions by switching a crossed leg every 30 minutes. You can also try sitting on top of your ankle, ensuring straight posture, or changing muscle tension.
  • Warming up before any exercise routine or activity.
  • Sitting on a stability ball. This challenges the abdominal wall while loosening up the pelvis and pelvic muscles.

In addition to following along with these tips, chiropractic care focusing on sports injury prevention in Pinecrest remains an ideal addition to your overall health regimen. A chiropractic care visit should remain similar to regular dental care. Frequently visiting a chiropractor can prevent the spine from getting out alignment.

Athletes may suffer from numerous different sports injuries. These include muscle, tendon, and ligament straining. The soft tissue damage that these conditions impart may take weeks and even months to fully heal. In many cases, soft tissue damage is a more painful experience than an actual bone injury.

As the body heals, it creates scar tissue over the muscle tears. This reduces flexibility, as well as strength while creating muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Through sports injury prevention in Pinecrest, patients can restore their natural alignment. Chiropractors may additionally perform massage therapy to reduce pain or tension. A properly aligned body improves an athlete’s form during training while enhancing performance when it counts.

Sports Injury Prevention in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

The expert chiropractors from Progressive Therapy Center can maintain your spine and joints in proper alignment. They accomplish this by utilizing gentle adjustments. For anyone seeking a drug-free modality to add injury prevention to their overall exercise regimen, sports injury prevention in Pinecrest utilizing chiropractic care is the answer.

As the body heals itself from injury, this may result in spasms and inflammation. This increases the overall time it takes for the injury to heal fully. Luckily, chiropractic care enables the body’s swift and efficient recovery. Adjustments, as well as tissue manipulation, break up scar tissue and increases flexibility and strength throughout recovery.

Our facility is located in the heart of the Pinecrest area. We take pride in helping individuals that suffer from pain or need help recovering from an injury. Using the latest techniques and equipment, our chiropractors provide patients with comprehensive solutions for their needs.

This additionally involves determining the root cause behind pain issues and conditions. By using this homeopathic approach, chiropractic professionals ensure optimal, streamlined recoveries in the most comfortable way possible.

When you or a loved one suffer from pain or need recovery assistance, consider enlisting Progressive Therapy Center as a resource for sports injury prevention in Pinecrest. We can help you feel better in essentially no time at all.

For more information on sports injury prevention in Pinecrest, contact our dedicated chiropractic team today to schedule an initial consultation. We want to help you feel, and perform your best!