Did You Know that Physical Therapy Specialists Wield Training in Splinting?

Splinting in South Miami is an essential component of any rehabilitation process that requires the delicate skillset a physical therapy specialist can provide. A physical trainer can even create a custom splint to fit a patient based on their specific condition, as well as needs.

Physical therapy employs splinting in South Miami to protect extremities following a surgical procedure to repair tendons or nerves, help protect healing fractures, promote wound healing, prevent deformity as healing takes place, or rest tissues.

When a patient experiences an injury or disability, the objective behind rehabilitation is to offer patients an optimal, maximum return of function to the afflicted area. Splinting in South Miami is a superior method to achieve this goal.

Additionally, patients may require adjustments and modifications to increase the benefits the original splint provided. They will also need instructions on how to administer the splint, when they should wear it, and home exercises that can enhance the results. Nevertheless, they can only obtain this information from a qualified physical therapy professional.

Following an injury, a doctor may recommend splinting in South Miami. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center is proficient and making recommendations for the best splint to meet your unique, individual needs!

Splinting in South Miami for Chronic Pain Conditions

A splint may appear in numerous different shapes and sizes. While most specialists will utilize splinting in South Miami for acute injuries, they also serve as an optimal procedure for controlling chronic pain conditions.

The modality wields three main goals that include:

  • Stabilizing weak and injured joints
  • Preventing pain or inflammation from worsening by limiting motion
  • Providing measured and gradual force to a stiff or contracted joint

Contraction generally occurs due to scar tissue. PTs can treat both stiffness and contraction by using a form of splinting that we call “dynamic splinting.” Most splinting applications remain static by nature. However, dynamic splinting can stabilize a joint while additionally providing a greater range of motion.

Due to this multipurpose treatment, patients experience many benefits at treating a wide variety of pain derivative conditions. These may include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Wrist splinting may ease pain, tingling, or numbness. They prevent the wrist from staying bent in positions that can irritate nerves. This is especially beneficial during sleeping periods.
  • Lower Back Pain Issues – Back braces stabilize the lower back, additionally offering support and comfort.
  • Neck Pain Issues – Similar to lower back pain, neck braces, including cervical collars keep the spine and neck stable.
  • Muscle Strains and Sprains – Elbow, knee, ankle, and foot braces benefit ligament and tendon strains, as well as sprains.
  • Osteoarthritis – Knee braces take pressure off of the side of the joint that experiences arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Specialized braces can alleviate pain and inflammation by supporting weak joints.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal braces stabilize the structure that supports the spine. These include various muscles and ligaments.

Unique Splinting in South Miami in Physical Therapy Care

Braces or splints work their absolute best when customized by a qualified physical therapy professional. After all, these applications won’t work well if they don’t fit properly. A splint should remain comfortable, especially if a patient must wear it at night or throughout the day.

PTs ensure that they determine the right fit, type, and material for a patient’s unique needs. Although many splints boast a neoprene construction, a physical therapist might determine that another material is optimal for a specific condition over others.

Splinting in South Miami imparts minimal side effects in chronic pain applications. Nonetheless, patients may experience stiff joints or weak muscles due to bodily adjustments to a splint’s support. Superficial skin irritation represents another common side effective derivative of long-term splint wearing.

To experience the best results, patients must follow their PT’s instructions carefully while keeping in mind that splinting in South Miami is only one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. PTs may additionally recommend medication or physical therapy sessions as well for the best possible outcome.

Splinting in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

Splints remain an ideal solution for limited joint motion. They can assist in correcting or mitigating and possible deformities during the healing procedure. Splinting in South Miami may also play a role in appropriately positioning joints after an injury occurs.

Fabricating and implementing a splint is a complex endeavor. A therapist must apply scientific, anatomical, mechanical, and physiological principles during splint fabrication that is accepted by the patient. The application must also remain effective in meeting the goals of an overall treatment regimen.

If you experience a musculoskeletal condition due to a range of motion or strength issue, you may represent an ideal patient for splinting in South Miami. The team from Progressive Therapy Center can analyze your condition while we fabricate a unique splint application for your needs.

Our team is the comprehensive solution concerning any physical therapy treatment in the South Florida community. We aim to help individuals overcome injuries and pain conditions in the most comfortable environment possible.

For more information on how our dedicated, professional team can help you with your needs, or to learn more about splinting in South Miami, contact the caring and concerned PTs from Progressive Therapy Center to schedule a consultation today.

Our team wants to serve as a guide on your journey towards preeminent wellness. We can act as an advocate on behalf of your best interests while we help you to feel your absolute best!