Spine Therapy Center in South MiamiPhysical Therapy for the Spine

Physical therapy can help you learn what you need to maintain a healthy spine. Your therapists will enable you to utilize these tools at home, or at work. As a result, treatment intervention can help you recover faster.

When physical therapy is a part of a spine therapy center in South Miami like our team from Progressive Therapy Center, most people think this only works to help patients recover from surgery. Although this is an excellent use of the treatment, PT can provide you with so much more.

Our team wants to help educate you with some information on how physical therapy from a spine therapy center in South Miami can help you restore and maintain spinal health in a plethora of different ways.

What is Physical Therapy for the Spine?

Physical therapy from a spine therapy center in South Miami is a treatment that can help you restore physical function while alleviating pain. A comprehensive approach will include education, posture and movement retraining, spine stabilization, as well as conditioning.

PTs provide their patients with the tools that need to manage a condition while additionally preventing the possibility of future injury. It is essential for patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation. This will help them obtain the maximum benefits and the best possible results.

Physical therapists will ask you to perform certain exercises on your own at home as well. This can help speed up an efficient recovery. As a part of any comprehensive physical therapy treatment, PTs will ask that you communicate your bodily reactions to activities good or bad.

PT will begin with a therapist’s assessment. They will rely on your medical record, as well as a diagnostic, and any relevant surgical information. The therapist will also examine your specific bodily movements while making observations on responses to identify an ideal treatment plan for your pain.

Utilizing this information, the spine therapy center in South Miami can devise a unique care plan for your needs. Nevertheless, the specialist will always involve you in the treatment process. Most often, this can help empower you to take control of your own treatment as you remain involved in the journey to recovery.

Physical therapy will enable you to gain hands-on knowledge throughout the process. As you progress and grow with a physical therapist, they can teach you how to manage symptoms. This minimizes any potential reoccurrences.

What Does a Spine Therapy Center in South Miami Treat?

Spinally-focused facilities see patients for a wide variety of conditions. Many of these individuals remain in pain. Unfortunately, this pain regularly reflects chronic issues. Back and neck pain is often the result of a diverse spectrum of spinal problems.

These can include spinal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, and ankylosing spondylitis. Sometimes the best solution is surgery. However, the cause of the spinal pain may remain unclear, referred to as non-specific.

In these situations, physical therapy from a spine therapy center in South Miami often represents the ideal treatment solution. Don’t rely on strong prescription pain medication to manage your symptoms. Physical therapy can benefit spine conditions, possibly avoid surgery altogether.

Nonetheless, this is also not to say that physical therapy is always the solution concerning spine conditions. Sometimes, surgery remains the best possible course of action, often in conjunction with a physical therapy regimen.

For this reason, physical therapists also often work with neurosurgeons and other medical professionals. This harmonious working relationship enables medical care providers to cast a wide net to help individuals that remain afflicted with an array of spinal disorders.

Spine Therapy Center in South MiamiProgressive Therapy Center – Spine Therapy Center in South Miami

A physical therapist can evaluate you through an initial analysis. They will utilize the information they gain to determine the best possible way to help you. Once they cultivate a plan of care, they can modify and transform these care initiatives as you progress through a program. They always enact activities safely, with the least possible amount of discomfort.

Our team hopes that you learned more about how a spine therapy center in South Miami can help you with a spine condition, in addition to how physical therapy can assist you by restoring optimal health.

Progressive Therapy Center works to help our patients recover in the most welcoming environment possible. To learn more about our spine therapy center in South Miami, please contact our dedicated and caring team to schedule an appointment!