Spine Treatment That Everyone Should Know About – Physical Therapy

Many people think about physical therapy as a modality only to help them recover from surgery, especially when a part of a facility like Progressive Therapy Center, our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest.

However, while this represents a significant portion of what post-surgical physical therapy can offer, the modality provides so much more. With this in mind, our team wants to share some information on how physical therapists restore spinal health and a variety of ways.

A PT will evaluate to determine any potential joint limitations or weaknesses. They can also pinpoint pain distribution in your body. Once they gather this information, they will work to administer modalities to ease the pain, hopefully, providing relief produced by pain conditions. They may administer exercises to maximize movement and conditioning for the best possible final results.

Physical therapy involves working with trained professionals that help you stretch, strengthen, and exercise safely and effectively. It is essential that any physical therapist educate you as their patient. This empowers you to take charge of your own recovery as you move forward on your rehabilitative journey.

What our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest Can Provide

Physical therapy professionals specialize in treating, diagnosing and preventing spinal issues, in addition to other musculoskeletal problems. These may occur throughout the body. They can offer treatment for individuals throughout the entirety of their life. This includes both latter-aged adults, as well as young children and adolescents.

As biomechanical experts, specialists from our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest analyze movement while testing muscle strength, flexibility, and joint mechanics. They view this information through a broad scope acquired throughout decades of clinical experience, education, and research in the physical therapy field.

Furthermore, working as educators for their patients, PTs can tailor their hands-on and home rehabilitation programs while keeping patients up-to-date and informed throughout. They cultivate these programs towards every patient’s unique condition and circumstances.

Although our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest applies physical interventions like exercise and joint mobilization, we additionally view our approach as a collaborative effort focusing on comprehensive health with patients.

This often involves spending the necessary time educating patients on how they can prevent and mitigate injury, as well as manage symptoms while restoring spinal health.

What our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest Can Treat

Patients may visit Progressive Therapy Center for a wide variety of reasons. Many individual enter our center in pain, often chronic pain. Back and neck pain derives from a full spectrum of spinal issues. These might include spinal stenosis, scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, and ankylosing spondylitis.

Sometimes, the best solution remains a surgical procedure. Nevertheless, we often see the cause of spinal pain remain inconclusive. This is what many specialists refer to as “non-specific.”

When these situations occur, physical therapy remains the best treatment option. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop patients from relying on strong pain medications like opioids to manage their symptoms. It also doesn’t prevent doctors and other medical care specialists from prescribing them. Medication can represent a beneficial solution. However, these don’t always serve as a proper long-term solution.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that physical therapy is the best possible solution either concerning back and neck pain. In some instances, the best solution may reflect surgery in combination with physical therapy, and sometimes surgery alone.

For this reason, physical therapists work in conjunction with surgeons and neurological specialists. This approach casts a wider net to help more individuals that suffer from various spinal conditions.

Our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest – Progressive Therapy Center

Regardless if you choose to visit our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest, you should choose to see a physician if you notice additional symptoms that accompany your pain. These could represent signs of more severe injury. As a result, they may lead to long-term issues if left untreated. They may also serve as indicators for a serious neurological condition.

If you experience pain in the spine or neck, visit a physician immediately if you also discover symptoms like pain shooting down the arms or legs or numbness in the spine or extremities.

To learn more about how our Spine Therapy Center in Pinecrest can help you overcome a pain condition, contact Progressive Therapy Center today to schedule a consultation. We want to help you overcome your pain conditions in our center, the most welcoming and comfortable environment possible. Set yourself off on the course to success with help from trained experts right away!