Does Spinal Manipulation Actually Work?

Can you adjust your spine? Despite some controversial rhetoric regarding the concept of joint subluxation, spinal adjustments typically provide modest benefits with the most tolerable risks. The idea of adjusting the spine is about numerous manual therapies. Most people commonly think about this as wiggling, popping, stretching, or tapping on the spinal column.

Many experts look at some lower back pain conditions as only treatable by surgery. However, in many cases, physical therapy can work just as well and without as many unwanted complications. Surgery can provide life-threatening risks depending on the administration and risk.

Spinal stenosis refers to a narrowing of the spine. With lumbar back stenosis, this means that your lowest part of the spinal canal has narrowed, or is narrowing. This imparts pressure on the spinal cord, as well as the nerves that extend from the vertebrae in the lumbar area.

This condition can occur as a result of degeneration in the discs, ligaments, or any joints between the interlocking vertebrae that compose the spine. As a result, you may experience painful, potentially debilitating narrowing in the spinal canal.

Our spine therapy center in Palmetto Bay wants to share some information on this spine problem, as well as how intervention from physical therapy and manual manipulation can help.

Spinal Stenosis – How a Spine Therapy Center in Palmetto Bay Can Help

The symptoms of spinal stenosis often appear similarly to several other age-related conditions. For this reason, careful, accurate diagnosis remains crucial. A spine therapy center in Palmetto Bay can conduct a comprehensive evaluation. This will include information about your medical history to determine the likelihood of spinal stenosis.

If you suffer from muscle weakness, lost sensation, and even severe pain, diagnosis may include X-rays or MRIs. The good news is that physical therapists and spinal specialist often work closely with physicians and other care providers. This enables them to make an accurate diagnosis, administering an optimal treatment for your needs.

Additionally, early intervention from a spine therapy center in Palmetto Bay can make the difference. By administering conservative care, including physical therapy and manual manipulation, specialists can actually achieve better results than surgery.

Physical Therapy Intervention for Spinal Stenosis

The purpose of any physical therapist’s intervention is helping you continue in your typical daily activities or life roles. They can administer a treatment specifically-designed on your needs and personal goals. A PT will commonly involve a combination of physical movements or exercises. These may include:

Gentle Movements

Physical therapists can teach you movements that help you take pressure off of the nerve root. As a result, you can alleviate pain while working towards optimal recovery and improved day-to-day life.

Stretching and Range-of-Motion Exercise

A physical therapist will educate you on specially-designed exercises that work to improve the mobility in your joints, as well as the muscles in your spine or extremities. By improving motion in the joint, you should experience notable pain relief.

Strengthening Exercises

The abdomen and back muscles take the brunt of the load as far as supporting the spinal joints. However, strong arm and leg muscles also help alleviate some of this workload of these muscles, alleviating stress on the spinal joints as well.

Aerobic Exercises

Physical therapy might also involve aerobic exercise movements. This can increase your tolerance for activities that may suffer due to spinal stenosis. This can include walking, running, and ordinary daily tasks like cleaning or showering.

Manual Therapy

A spine therapy center in Palmetto Bay will often conduct hands-on therapy like massage. Massage and other manual therapies improve the mobility in stiff joints that can contribute to worsening symptoms.

Progressive Therapy Center – Spine Therapy Center in Palmetto Bay

A spine therapy center in Palmetto Bay will certainly conduct an evaluation to determine any joint limitations or muscle weaknesses. This will also determine pain distribution in the back. Nevertheless, it remains essential that you remain patient. Pain conditions often prove difficult in diagnosis at first, and it make take some time and varied administrations to determine the optimal course of treatment for your needs.

If you suffer from back or neck problems, a visit to Progressive Therapy Center could help you. Through our comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services, we work to create a customized care plan to help you reach your ultimate goals.

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