Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay

Helping Adults Heal Stress and Other Small Fractures

A stress fracture is essentially a small crack in the bone. However, many specialists also utilize the term stress fracturing to describe severe bruising within a bone itself. This most commonly occurs when patients overuse or repetitively engage in an action. Stress fractures commonly happen to runners or athletes that participate in running sports like soccer or basketball.

Nevertheless, a stress fracture can happen to almost anyone. These small cracks or breaks will take place when individuals change their activities, including adding new exercises, changing their workout intensity, or engaging in physical activities on unfamiliar surfaces. Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from stress fractures due to disease and other conditions that weaken bones.

The key to recovery is avoiding high-impact activities for an appropriate amount of time. Nonetheless, sometimes small fracture rehabilitation in Sunset Place from a physical therapist remains necessary. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to outline the benefits that this treatment intervention may offer.

Post-Fracture Rehabilitation Necessity

Patients that suffer from small stress fractures should always visit with a physical therapy specialist after an injury. Most bones heal in about four to six weeks. Unfortunately, this only represents about half of the issue that patients face.

When these individuals place enough stress on their body to fracture a bone, this causes damage to other soft tissues and structures that experience damage as well. Furthermore, physicians usually place the injured extremity in a case that results in joint stiffness or muscle weakness even after healing.

As a result, patients may feel detrimental effects on joints and tissues that seem unrelated to the stress fracture. For example, a fractured bone in the arm may lead to shoulder pain due to compensation or immobilization over time.

The beginning of small fracture rehabilitation in Sunset Place may vary depending on the patient’s age or the location of their injury. Surgeons and other specialists typically guide patients based on their experience.

Nevertheless, this type of physical therapy intervention will focus on preventing post-injury stiffness or weakness in adjacent areas as the fracture heals. Over time, imaging may display poor healing. The good news is that a therapist can utilize this information to adopt a care plan to optimize range of motion and muscle strength near the fracture site.

Physical Therapy Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Sunset Place

Physical therapy helps improve strength and flexibility. However, this treatment modality can actually help injured patients build bone as well. Optimally strong muscles and bones help patients absorb stress during moderate- to high-impact activities while also mitigating the risks for further injury.

With a care regimen in place, PTs will focus on education, showing patients how to do exercises that remain designed to reduce the impact of activities on injured areas. In order to help them return to activity, they will administer a series of simple exercises and stretches. 

For more severe conditions, they may even administer these in a low-resistance environment like the pool. The lack of weight necessity in the water puts no pressure on the bones. When these activities cause no pain, PTs may advance patients to additional activities involving low-impact, weight-bearing exercises.

After a few weeks of these exercises, patients can evolve their care into walking, and even light jogging. This step-based system continues with the guidance of small fracture rehabilitation in Sunset Place observed by a trained and expert physical therapist. As patients continue their progression, they eventually return to their previous level of optimal activity.

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Sunset Place from Progressive Therapy Center

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Palmetto BayAll physical therapists remain prepared through education, training, and experience. This enables them to treat small fractures in the extremities. Nonetheless, you should consult with a PT who suits your needs.

Seek out board-certified clinical specialists who specialize specifically in small fracture rehabilitation in Sunset Place. They wield advanced knowledge, experience, and skills that apply directly to your condition.

Progressive Therapy Center physical therapists focus on helping patients recover and rehabilitate their small and stress fracture issues in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our center, located in the heart of Pinecrest is the ideal solution.

Prepare yourself to move during your very first visit and set yourself off on the road to recovery. Although a small fracture may not seem like a big deal, they can prove quite troublesome if the condition continues to evolve without treatment. To learn more about small fracture rehabilitation in Sunset Place, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!