Physical Therapy Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Kendall

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in KendallStress fractures represent a significant problem for many individuals. In fact, over 200,000 Americans suffer from stress fracture issues every year. These small fractures or tiny cracks in the bones can feel notably painful, often impeding typical day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, the condition also takes a massive amount of time before resolving if a patient doesn’t provide them with the right environment and time to heal properly. Nevertheless, with physical therapy small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall, as well as the right type of care, patients can drastically improve their recoveries.

Stress fractures commonly occur as a result of overuse. This forms small cracks in bones after repetitive physical force, in addition to pressure. The types of activities that typically lead to small fractures in a bone could include jumping, running, and even coughing.

Individuals may begin exercise regimens too quickly or with too much intensity without the prerequisite strength. This leaves them at higher risk to develop stress fractures over time. Weaker bones may also contribute to these fracture issues and can develop from nutrient deficiencies or conditions like osteoporosis.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center is breaking down some information on stress fractures and how physical therapy intervention can help. Read on to learn more information about small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall!

How to Tell if You Suffer from Stress Fractures

Stress fractures continue to build as a result of continuous trauma over time. While things may seem minor at first, this is not a condition that develops from a singular primary event. The symptoms of small fractures often worsen as time goes on, and it may take significant time before you begin to notice more severe indicators.

Some clear signs that a patient suffers from a stress fracture problem may include:

  • Areas that hurt more with applied pressure
  • Burning sensations in a localized part of the body
  • Ceased pain with decreased activity or aching after the end of the activity
  • Pain that increases during physical activity or while putting weight on an affected area
  • Soreness that increases over time. This typically becomes apparent over several days

Nonetheless, patients must visit with a physician or other healthcare provider for imaging like x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and bone density scanning to determine that a small fracture occurred. Doctors can additionally recommend courses for treatment or therapy interventions to ensure proper small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall.

Treating Small Stress Fractures

Depending on the condition’s severity, several different treatment courses can streamline and optimize small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall. Resting injured areas while refraining from physical activity, as well as assistive devices, can help to heal while alleviating pain. Rehabilitation will also aim to restore muscle strength.

Unfortunately, situations can take place where patients require surgery. Some small fractures may remain small in individual size, but also appear close together or numerous to where bone pinning and other surgical interventions remain the ideal solution for rehabilitation and recovery.

A primary reason that patients end up suffering from stress fractures is due to imbalances in muscle strength. If a muscle is weak, the other muscles must work even harder to compensate for this issue. The bone also often shoulders a burden, eventually fracturing under stress.

With physical therapy small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall, patients can work towards strengthening their muscles while restoring muscular balance in their bodies. This will aim to eliminate issues that can contribute to stress fractures while also mitigating risks for the future.

As time goes on, patients can experience no pain in their formerly fractured bones. Physical therapy can then work to reintroduce weight-bearing activities and exercises. This encourages the bone to recover gently.

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in KendallPhysical therapists will likely include activities that patients can perform on their own at home in small fracture rehabilitation in Kendall. The primary focus will remain on strengthening muscles to work optimally around injured sites and nearby, weight-bearing joints. This doesn’t add additional, unwanted stress to the injured sites, enabling better impact absorption.

The good news is that with appropriate care and physical therapy intervention, exercise can protect formerly injured bones. The treatment course may vary depending on where the fracture is, as well as what caused it.

No matter the reason for small stress fractures, plentiful rest, along with physical therapy can help individuals get up and running again in no time. To learn more about rehabilitation for small and stress fractures, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!