Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Cutler BayGetting small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay

There are a million ways to get a small fracture. Whether it’s a little fall down the stairs or slipping on a wet floor, most of us have suffered it at one time or another. Many times, you don’t even need a cast for a small fracture! Often a doctor will simply apply a brace of some kind and tell you not to use it for 6-8 weeks. Small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay can assist in your speedy recovery.

The word “small” can be deceiving though. Even though it seems like something non-major, an improperly treated small fracture can be more dangerous than you think. If you begin to use that limb faster than your doctor recommends, or undergo improper post-fracture rehabilitation, you can cause permanent damage to yourself.

If you have a small fracture, you can use small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay. Under the care of a professional physical therapist, you can ensure that you regain your entire range of motion, strength, and a full range of motion without putting you in danger of aggravating the injury. 

How to get small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay

Small fracture rehabilitation can be administered throughout the healing process, from the initial doctor’s visit until after the cast comes off. This care can be administered in several places throughout the process: the hospital, the home, and the outpatient clinic. Here at Progressive Physical Therapy Center, we can administer care in any of these three places.

Receiving care in the hospital

When you first suffer from a small fracture, usually you go to the hospital. While in the hospital, you can see a physical therapist who can properly educate you about the kinds of tools you need to immobilize and keep the weight off of your injured limb, like casts, splints, and crutches. They can also demonstrate how to use said devices.

For example, they can teach you how to use crutches to get up and down stairs or get in and out of a car. They can also show you how to shower and protect a cast appropriately. Using these devices can be very dangerous, so make sure to practice under supervision before going out and using them in your everyday life. 

Misusing them can cause further injury from falling or slipping. During the healing process, it is very easy to make a fracture worse, so make sure to listen to your doctor and physical therapist throughout the healing process, whether your cast is on or off!

Receiving care in the home

Once you get out of the hospital and settle in at home, a doctor may recommend a physical therapist visit you at home to make sure the healing process is proceeding as it should. If the fracture is bad enough that you have difficulty leaving the house, it is good to receive small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay. A physical therapist can teach you how to effectively and safely maneuver around your home and administer exercises to make sure that the muscles aren’t atrophying even within a cast. They can also make recommendations to make your home more accessible to you and whatever medical devices prescribed to you during your healing process.

Care in a Physical Therapy Clinic in Cutler Bay

After your cast comes off, the journey isn’t over. Even though the bone itself is healed, a newly healed bone is still delicate, and the muscles that help support the bone are weaker than usual. You also might find that your range of motion isn’t what it was before the injury. If this is the case, you can benefit from small fracture rehabilitation in Cutler Bay in a physical therapy clinic. At the clinic, they will strictly monitor and evaluate the weight-bearing capacity of the newly healed bone and design exercises.

Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Cutler BayThis can be vital for the proper healing of the bone. The days after a cast comes off can be some of the most vulnerable. It’s easy to re-break a bone in those vulnerable days, and the care of a physical therapist can help speed up the healing process until it is just the same as before you broke it. 

Getting Small Fracture Rehabilitation in Cutler Bay at Progressive Physical Therapy Center

If you find yourself with a fracture, one of the best things you can do is make sure you have the support and care of a physical therapist every step of the way. Progressive Physical Therapy Center specializes in excellent patient care anywhere you need it, whether it’s in the hospital, at home, or in our clinic. Let us help you heal as quickly and safely as possible. Make an appointment with us today.