Physical Therapy Treatment in Pinecrest for Seniors

Physical therapy treatment in Pinecrest can help seniors experiencing chronic pain. Additionally, physical therapy will relieve pain while restoring numerous functions that include flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

Physical therapy treatment in Pinecrest for seniors combines several different modalities that may include stretching, massage, walking, hydrotherapy, as well as electrical stimulation and several others.

The goal behind these treatments for senior patients is ensuring that their daily tasks and activities remain as easy as possible. As a result, physical therapy can help seniors achieve optimal and ideal independence.

Physical therapy adequately serves as a valuable solution to those:

  • Recovering from injury
  • Suffering from osteoarthritis
  • Experiencing pain in specific parts of the body

The modality additional can help with the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Vertigo
  • Stroke
  • Incontinence
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists, or PTs, operate by diagnosing and treating patients at any age that suffer from a variety of medical problems and health-related circumstances. PTs can cultivate a plan that employs several different modalities to help patients with their movement while reducing pain and restoring overall function.

Their first and primary goal is reducing pain and swelling where present. Then, the specialist can apply various techniques as they increase flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength. These techniques often involve stretching, lifting weights, as well as walking.

Nevertheless, a physical therapist will also combine an assortment of other therapy methods. Some of these may help their condition, while other remain ineffective. Sometimes, physical therapy involves a fair amount of trial and error.

Physical Therapy Treatment in Pinecrest Types

Manual Therapy

Therapists perform this therapy using their hands. The goal of the modality is relaxing patients as they reduce pain and provide additional flexibility. Manual therapy will include massaging the patient’s muscles, in addition to their body’s soft tissues to relax them while improving circulation. As a result, the modality can substantially relieve pain.

Mobilization in manual therapy employs slow, subtle movements that twist, push, and pull the joints and bones into position. This will help loosen tightened tissues, and therefore, increase flexibility. The treatment’s manipulation uses fast, forceful movements and relieves pain as it realigns the joints and bones.

Cold Therapy

Therapists regularly employ cold therapy to reduce derivative swelling and inflammation from conditions like arthritis. The treatment involves therapists administering ice packs, ice massage, compression, and elevation.

Heat Therapy

This treatment relaxes a patient’s muscles as it improves blood circulation. Heat therapy is exceptionally useful to loosen stiff joints from conditions like osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis causes patient immobility. A PT will also use heat to loosen up muscles before a patient begins exercising.


Hydrotherapy uses water to treat diseases and maintain patient overall health. It can accomplish this by healing soft tissues, stimulating blood flow, and relaxing their entire body.

Electrical Stimulation

The electrical stimulation modality employs electrical current to cultivate the PTs desired effect on the patient’s body. Electrical currents can scramble pain signals to disrupt a patient’s negative sensations. When patients experience stroke or arthritis, electrical stimulation therapy can benefit the conditions by contracting the muscles.

Treating Specific Conditions with Physical Therapy Treatment in Pinecrest

Modern medical professionals are finally discovering that physical therapy treatment can assist patients that suffer from a plethora of different diseases and medical conditions.

A staggering number of individuals over the age of 65 suffer from some form of arthritis. Many of them experience arthritis in their spine, even if they don’t directly experience the symptoms. Physical therapy treatment in Pinecrest helps these individuals to offset any future symptoms.

For patients that suffer from stroke, physical therapists administer a constraint-induced movement therapy method. This forces the patient to utilize their weakened extremity. The treatments additionally help to stimulate the parts of the brain that control movement by rehearsing movements without actually acting them out.

Physical Therapy Treatment in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

It is obvious that physical therapy treatment in Pinecrest can assist seniors in a wide variety of healthcare areas. As you or a loved one recover from illness, surgery, or suffer from a disease, consider asking your primary care physician about physical therapy. Physical therapy will help you regain your independence through increasing your mobility, as well as making normal, daily tasks easier.

Our team in the South Florida area from Progressive Therapy Center offers patients a resource for preeminent training and education in physical therapy modalities. We serve the South Florida community as a resource for physical therapy treatment. Through our team’s methods, we can help alleviate a plethora of issues.

Beginning a new physical therapy regiment is often intimidating. However, Progressive Therapy Center ensures that every patient’s experience in pleasurable in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible.

We additionally believe that educating our patients is key. This will enable every patient to employ the best possible outcome that physical therapy can provide them. For this reason, our team wants to share knowledge as well as experience.

Our goal is to go beyond any patient’s expectations. This typically involves committing to ideal, optimal treatments for patient needs. For more information on physical therapy treatment in Pinecrest, contact our caring, concerned, and dedicated staff today. We can help you recover from a pain condition or surgery as you complete the path to recovery. Our team wants to represent your guide as you feel better than ever.