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A Physical Therapy Program in Miami Can Help Your Recovery

A physical therapist is a trained specialist who works with patients to help restore activity, strength, as well as range of motion after an injury or surgery. Physical therapists educate their patients and create specific exercises as part of an individualized program. 

Finding a physical therapy program in Miami or at one of our locations close to you will help your recovery and address conditions that otherwise might require surgery or other medical intervention.

No matter your specific issues, physical therapy can help. Physical therapists are trained to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of your body. 

By working with a specialist, you can target specific weaknesses that affect the way your body works. As a result, you will feel less stress and aid your body in functioning without pain.

Furthermore, a physical therapist relies on specific knowledge regarding surgical procedures and medical interventions to customize a physical therapy program in Miami to improve your overall wellbeing and recovery after surgery.

Finding the right physical therapy specialist at Progressive Therapy Center in South Florida is important. Our therapists have the training and degrees to help individuals rehabilitate from injuries and pain conditions.

How a Physical Therapy Program at Progressive Therapy Center in Miami Can Help You

Stretch Your Tight Muscles, Tissues, and Joints

Stretching is a crucial component of any physical therapy program in Miami or the location you choose. Performing specific stretches helps you maintain a proper range of motion in your joints and your muscles’ overall flexibility.

When your joints are stiff, or you have tight muscle tissue, typical day to day activities can feel notably affected. By stretching and exercising correctly with the guidance of a physical therapist, you can safely preserve and improve these joint and muscle functions.

If you suffer from an injury or undergo a surgical procedure, scar tissue will form, contracting soft tissue. It is crucial to perform regular stretching procedures to ensure that scar tissue formation cannot impede rehabilitation.

Strength Exercises

A physical therapy program at one of our locations in Miami will also include strengthening exercises. These exercises help you improve comprehensive muscle function. The goal is strength improvement while also increasing endurance and maintaining range of motion. 

By emphasizing core strength and stability, you build a solid foundation for success. This approach works to increase core stability and improve the range of motion and strength from the inside out. Athletes typically begin with this during rehabilitation and recovery to start their physical therapy off right.

Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation

Physical therapists may also use high-frequency sound waves to stimulate deep tissues within your body. 

A physical therapist will pass an ultrasound probe over your body, stimulating the deeper tissues with the vibration of the sound waves. Ultrasound in a physical therapy program in Miami results in increased blood flow and warming in these tissues.

Similarly, electrical stimulation is a therapy that sends electrical currents as opposed to soundwaves to affected areas. This treatment alters nerve conduction, which affects muscle contraction. 

The procedure also produces increased blood flow while diminishing pain. Electrical stimulation may also contract muscles that remain weak, or do not function well, reducing their nonfunctional mobility.

With either modality, electrical stimulation accomplishes a variety of tasks that can assist you with illnesses and conditions that result in pain or limitations in functional mobility.

Information on Physical Therapy Programs in Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

The best physical therapist is one who prioritizes their relationship with their patients. After all, specialists see clients over a series of weeks or months, as long as it takes to experience the ultimate recovery and rehabilitation.

Developing and working with a physical therapy professional remains essential to success. The series of modalities works most effectively when patients and their PT remain translucent, completely open, and honest with one another.

Our team at Progressive Therapy Center prides itself on a patient-centric approach in the South Florida community. This means aiding and assisting patients with overcoming illness and injury and rehabilitation from surgical procedures.

You, too, can experience a working, successful physical therapy program in Miami at our center, located in the heart of the Pinecrest borough. We look at this as the most comfortable, welcoming environment possible.

To learn more about what our physical therapy staff can do for you, contact our caring and dedicated team today!