Why You Might Need Physical Therapy Even Without Pain

Most people can easily justify visiting with a physical therapy professional in South Miami when they experience pain. This is an alarm to our bodies that continues in the brain. The alarm is to tell you that you should do something about a condition or other issue that just isn’t correct.

However, why do people see physical therapists when they aren’t injured, or experiencing a pain condition? Although many think the entire concept behind physical therapy is rehabilitation, this is only one aspect of the modality.

Physical therapists today possess more education on the neuromusculoskeletal system than ever before. In fact, a number of these professionals extend their education with residency and fellowship programs. This helps them advance their knowledge and skill in certain specializations.

A physical therapy program employs increased participation by patients in the modern era. This means that patients remain involved in their treatment. Positive, optimal results depend on this patient involvement, often performing prescribed exercises on their own at home.

A physical therapy professional in South Miami can now utilize movement instead of solely x-rays and MRIs to determine a patient’s root issues. They simply observe how you move, gathering information to determine the impairments you might suffer from. This includes weaknesses and tightness in muscles, as well as joint stiffness. These conditions may affect your posture, resulting in hindered motion during functional movements.

What a Physical Therapy Professional in South Miami can do for you

We all possess hundreds of muscles throughout our bodies, each one pulling in a different direction. Every muscle is accompanied by an opposing muscle that counter pulls in the opposite direction. It is not uncommon where one of these muscles remains too stiff, or too weak, or possibly both.

A physical therapy professional in South Miami can help you locate and determine the cause of these impairments. This will help you determine what you need to work on to benefit your body.

An increasingly popular physical therapy approach is what we call “prehab” or prehabilitation. This is the process of preparing your body to perform standard tasks optimally. As a result, this can mitigate risks for developing pain and injury in the future.

This process does not look the same for every individual. While a physical therapy professional in South Miami can make suggestions concerning strength, posture, and mechanics, suggestions alone may or may not target your specific needs.

We all represent unique individuals, and therefore, possess our own unique impairments. We also perform unique tasks each and every day. For this reason, a specialized program for your needs will remain necessary.

A physical therapy professional in South Miami will ensure that you go through a series of functional tasks as they evaluate your bodily movements. Based on the information they observe, they can then test specific areas concerning joint mobility, strength, and muscle length. These areas can all contribute to impaired and painful movement.

By identifying these impairments, you can cultivate a roadmap to preeminent function and wellness. A physical therapy professional in South Miami will help you discover what you need to improve to minimize pain and reduce potential injury risk.

Physical Therapists Helping Injury Recovery

A physical therapy professional in South Miami will help you move better. It doesn’t matter if you experience trouble getting in and out of bed, or any other daily task. These specialists spend the time to ensure they tailor to your every need and concern.

This involves developing comprehensive strategies to help you return to your daily activities. Physical therapy modalities facilitate recoveries, with the therapist providing the tools and methods for success. The goal is empowering you to do the thing you need to due to ensure long-term health.

For patients that decide on PT before other, more invasive options, they often feel better faster. As a result, they can save money and time in the long run.

A Physical Therapy Professional in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

Our facility is a comprehensive solution for physical therapy treatment in the South Florida area. Located in the heart of Pinecrest in The Magic City, Progressive Therapy Center aims to help individuals recover from injury and pain conditions in the most comfortable environment possible.

Patients often discover that physical therapy represents an ideal alternative to more invasive methods like surgery and medication. Early intervention from physical therapy can actually help you avoid these modalities altogether.

A physical therapy professional in South Miami will make suggestions to help you improve your posture, while also administering an exercise regimen to alleviate pain and expedite recovery. This treatment is the optimal solution for numerous different pain conditions. They include:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • And many more

A physical therapist might also make suggestions to improve lifestyle choices. In fact, patients perform a notable percentage of physical therapy treatment at home on their own. This participation remains crucial for the best possible outcome.

Our team at Progressive Therapy Center utilizes the latest technology and technique to ensure you recover efficiently. We can cultivate an ironclad strategy to ensure you recover efficiently from whatever condition affecting you.

For more information on how a physical therapy professional in South Miami from our team can help you, contact Progressive Therapy Center today to schedule a consultation. We want to serve as your guide on your journey towards preeminent health and wellness!