What Patients Should Know About Physical Therapy

Fear is a major component of any work injury. In many scenarios, this apprehension results in substantial detriments to recovery. Injured individuals will often fret about unknowns. This might include how long recovery might take if they will experience injury again, and how an injury could impact their home life.

In many cases, the last thing they need is more fear stemming from something like unfamiliarity with a new treatment. When an individual has never gone for physical therapy before, this may seem intimidating.

While some patients will enter a physical therapy center equipped with all the information they need, others may remain clueless about what a physical therapy professional in Kendall does.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center want to help by providing some information concerning the basics, what it is like working with a physical therapy professional in Kendall, all the way to actual treatment.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy noninvasive modality that can help individuals develop, maintain, and restore optimal body movement, as well as physical function. Physical therapy additionally helps patients recover from injuries while they relieve pain and potentially prevent future injuries. A specialist can apply the method during any stage of a patient’s life.

Physical therapy will typically begin by conduction a comprehensive evaluation. This will include a medical history evaluation, and a physical examination. Utilizing this information, a physical therapist will structure a comprehensive plan as they monitor progress. This frequently involves applying manual support for exercise regimens

A physical therapy professional in Kendall will help to improve mobility and reduce pain using a combination of applications. It employs exercise, heat, as well as massage to restore the body to its former level prior to the injury.

A specialist may use physical therapy to treat:

  • Pain, in addition to functional limitations derived from medical and chronic injury
  • Orthopedic injury
  • Repetitive motion and overexertion injury
  • Trauma-related injury

When patients suffer from pain due to a condition, disease, or post-op recovery process, physical therapy can help. In many scenarios, physical therapy remains as effective, if not more effective, than surgery.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

A patient’s initial visit with a physical therapy professional in Kendall Is the best possible time for both patient and therapist to understand more about what their unique, individual treatment process might look like.

The PT will cultivate a unique treatment to the patient, as well as their injury. For this reason, most physical therapy patients enter their second appointment with an entirely individual, personalized care plan.

A physical therapist will start an initial appointment by asking plenty of questions concerning a patient’s current health and wellness. This will include information about the specific reason they chose to visit a physical therapy center. In fact, the intake procedure will mirror a visit to a traditional physician. Patients will likely fill out a questionnaire that outlines detailed information about them, as well as their condition.

Once they meet the physical therapy professional in Kendall for the first time, the PT can perform a comprehensive examination. Depending on the patient’s unique, individual symptoms, this could involve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, in addition to blood pressure and respiration analysis.

Furthermore, it is important for patients to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. A physical therapist will normally get the patient moving a little bit, possibly even palpating afflicted areas while assessing joint mobility, muscles, and other tissues.

A physical therapy professional in Kendall works with patients to help them determine and obtain their goals. They could possibly suggest some lifestyle changes to expedite recovery and ensure that re-injury does not occur.

Does Physical Therapy Hurt?

Although a physical therapy professional in Kendall will attempt pain mitigation during PT, it may still result in some derivative pain. However, it remains their job to minimize this discomfort as they work within the bounds of a patient’s pain tolerance.

It is important that patients and their physical therapy professional in Kendall maintain an open line of communication. This enables them to discuss how the patient feels during each session, especially regarding any pain or discomfort. These discussions additional provide information about program modifications to meet patient needs.

Over some time, patients should begin noticing improvements in mobility, function, and pain level. They may also observe slowdowns in deterioration over the process depending on their specific condition. A PT specialist can utilize this information to ensure patients optimally progress through their care.

A Physical Therapy Professional in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical therapy can take place in a variety of settings that include hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities. However, PT also occurs in patient homes. Depending on a patient’s unique condition, the PT team might suggest transferring from one facility to another or cultivate an independent exercise regimen at home.

Nevertheless, our team at Progressive Therapy Center focuses on helping patients rehab and recover in the most comfortable environment possible, our PT practice in the heart of Pinecrest. We understand that it remains important for patients to remain comfortable during their treatments while experiencing minimal disruption. For this reason, we recommend visiting our center for preeminent physical therapy care.

It is entirely normal for patients to feel apprehensive about starting a new physical therapy experience. However, when you discover what a physical therapy professional in Kendall can do to help, you can observe excellent results! Contact Progressive Therapy Center today to learn more about how PT from our team can help you!