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A physical therapy specialist is an evidence-based health care professional that diagnoses and treats individuals throughout each phase of their lives. Typically, these patients will suffer from medical problems and other health-related issues that limit their ability to move, as well as perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Physical therapy is often a cost-effective approach that improves overall mobility while simultaneously relieving pain. Potentially, a physical therapy professional in Cutler Bay can even reduce any need for surgery or prescription medication. Therapeutic modalities that they apply enables patients to participate in customized recovery plans based on their unique, individual needs.

Physical therapy will commonly begin with an examination process that will include:

  • A comprehensive medical history
  • Review of currently administered medications, as well as test results from other healthcare specialists
  • Analyzing bodily systems and functions
  • Performing tests and measures that can help identify the potential for, in addition to existing problems

To establish a plan of care, a physical therapy professional in Cutler Bay relies on these evaluations while determining if the patients’ issues remain within the scope of physical therapy care. Most often, this will include:

  • Diagnosing patient function and movement through observations of their posture or gait while walking and performing activities
  • Cultivating an individualized care plan focusing on evidence-based research, and a patient’s unique condition and goals
  • Implementing this care plan with exercises and therapy that aims to ease the pain while increasing mobility. This will likely prevent worsening pain or injury while promoting overall health and wellness.
  • Evaluating progress and installing modifications to the care plan as necessary.

How Can a Physical Therapy Professional in Cutler Bay Help?

In physical therapy care, these trained professionals evaluate any abnormal physical functions that may relate to a disability, disease, or other condition. Physical therapists are licensed medical professionals wielding experience and education to diagnose physical abnormalities and help patients restore their physical function and mobility. However, a physical therapist may additionally work to maintain physical function in the event of potential deterioration due to a condition or disease.

Physical therapists may administer treatment in various healthcare settings. We may find PTs in hospitals, nursing homes, occupational settings, outpatient care facilities, private practices, rehabilitation centers, research centers, schools, and sports and fitness facilities.

A physical therapy professional in Cutler Bay cares for their patient during each phase of their healing and recovery progression. This begins with diagnosis, continues with restorative administrations, and then finishes with preventative maintenance. The course of treatment can act as a standalone option or supportive elements in conjunction with other treatments.

Depending on a patient’s cause for treatment, physical therapy benefits can include:

  • Avoiding surgical intervention
  • Improved balance
  • Improved mobility and movement
  • Injury or trauma recovery
  • Managing age-related medical conditions
  • Pain management
  • Preventing falls
  • Reduced dependency on opioid medications
  • Stroke and paralysis rehabilitation

Optimize Recovery and Rehabilitation with a Physical Therapy Professional in Cutler Bay

Customized physical therapy programs incorporating therapeutic modalities can help individuals return to prior levels of function. Furthermore, this approach encourages activities and lifestyle adaptations that may prevent worsening injuries, in addition to promoting and improving levels of health and wellbeing.

Primary care physicians will often refer their patients to a physical therapy professional in Cutler Bay at the first sign of an issue. This is mostly due to the prevailing opinion within the medical community that physical therapy remains a conservative and efficient approach to managing issues.

Physical therapy involves a combination of therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques. These mobilize joints and soft tissues to help relieve pain while also restoring muscle and joint function. Ultimately, this reduces pain and optimizes maintenance for a range of motion in troubled areas. This approach may additionally prevent pain from returning as well.

Finally, a physical therapy professional in Cutler Bay works to identify and maximize the quality of life, in addition to movement potential within a specific scope. The scope of PT is managing and propagating habilitation and rehabilitation, as well as prevention through treatment and intervention. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, social wellbeing overall.

A Physical Therapy Professional in Cutler Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical Therapy Professional in Cutler BayOur team from Progressive Therapy Center wields advanced training and expertise as we impart positive impacts on our patient community. We strive to reflect the best physical therapy provider in our community while providing each patient with the best opportunity to improve in a comforting, welcoming environment.

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