Physical Therapy in KendallHow to Prepare for Your First Physical Therapy Session

So your primary care physician recommended a physical therapist in Kendall. However, you don’t know what to expect. How should you prepare yourself for this initial meeting? What should you wear?

Each one of these questions is common for the first time physical therapy in Kendall patient. Your friends at Progressive Therapy Center in South Florida want to help address these, as well as some other concerns you may possess.

If you develop a condition that leads to pain or difficulty with your mobility, you could benefit from the skills a physical therapist in Kendall provides. They can assess your condition while providing you with custom treatments or exercises to help you recover.

This first meeting with your physical therapist in Kendall is an initial evaluation. During this session, the specialist will spend some time with you to gain information about your current condition.

The therapist will also attempt to learn about your previous function or mobility level, and how these new circumstances affect your life. They take measurements of your impairments and use this information to cultivate your treatment plan.

Getting Referred to a Physical Therapist in Kendall

If you begin feeling pain or difficulty regarding your mobility, it is important to visit a physician so they can analyze your current condition. They may prescribe several different tests or analyzations to optimally diagnose your situation.

This physician may additionally request elevated care for your condition. In the case of chronic pain or another injury, this means a visit to a physical therapist in Kendall. If the physician fails to make this recommendation, simply ask for the referral.

The standard primary care physician is often very busy. It is not uncommon for a physician to forget the value that physical therapy in Kendall provides. Nevertheless, you can also see a physical therapist in Kendall without a referral or other healthcare provider.

Assessment, as well as treatment from physical therapy, is a safe and effective procedure. The treatment they provide will return you to a normal activity level.

Preparing for your Initial Consultation

The first step to alleviating your pain is acquiring a physical therapist in Kendall so they can provide you their services. A few options exist for finding a quality PT, they include:

  • Ask your current primary care physician for a recommendation. In most cases, they can recommend a reputable, quality physical therapist.
  • Ask a friend, family or coworker. These individuals may wield positive experiences with a physical therapist that can help you.
  • Check an online directory or conduct your own search. Many physical therapists provide websites with specific information concerning their clinics and offerings.

When you find and contact a physical therapist in Kendall to schedule your initial evaluation, make sure you address any concerns or questions about what to expect. Inquire about your specific condition as well. This ensures that they treat what you are experiencing.

Additionally, make sure that the physical therapist accepts your insurance. This will solidify that they accept your payment options, and determine your potential out-of-pocket expenses.

As you prepare for this initial appointment, bolster yourself with information about your problem’s history. When and how did the problem begin? What was your overall health level before experiencing the injury?

Your physical therapist will probably ask you these questions in regards to the injury, so it is important to equip yourself with as much information as possible. They will want to know what medication and other pain relief methods you’re already administering.

What Should I Wear?

Wear something that is comfortable, and easy to move around in. Physical therapy in Kendall requires a lot of movement during your first session.

If you experience shoulder pain, wear a shirt that allows access to this area. The same goes for hip knee or ankle pain, wear something like shorts that allows access to these areas. Many physical therapy clinics also provide changing rooms to change into your activity clothing.

It is important for you to ask the therapist about what to wear during your physical therapy in Kendall session.

The Examination

Once your physical therapist discusses your current condition with you, they gain additional information through examination. Your specialist focuses on measuring your impairments that could result in your condition, or exacerbate as a result of your injury.

Common measurements include:

  • Palpations
  • Range of motion analyzation
  • Strength testing
  • Mobility testing
  • Balance testing
  • Neurological screenings

Your physical therapist will give you clear instructions about what you should expect, as well as what you need to do. Once they complete the exam, they utilize this information to cultivate a unique treatment plan.

Physical Therapy in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical Therapy in KendallProgressive Therapy Center is a physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Pinecrest, not far from the Kendall area. We provide South Florida residents with a resource for patient-centered care for their pain issues.

Our staff employs manual therapy with the latest in physical therapy technology. We strive to offer patients the best possible care. This involves using evidence-based research while maximizing our attention on the patient’s needs.

Regardless if you need treatment for pain, or suffer from a neurological condition, Progressive Therapy Center is here to help. We understand that pain conditions result in unneeded suffering. For this reason, we provide preeminent physical therapy in Kendall.

For more information on our services, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!