Physical Therapist in Miami

Key Benefits of Visiting a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists or PTs aim to help patients regain and restore pain-free comfortable movement. At Progressive Therapy Center, you can see a physical therapist in Miami who will work to restore a patient’s former level of overall health prior to their injury incident.

To achieve recovery goals, PTs assist patients by creating customized therapy programs for patients. Our therapists implement therapy programs that are geared to restoring physical health, overall quality of life, in addition to comprehensive wellness. Therapy sessions are minimally invasive while and lessen risks for reinjury and illness in the future.

Patients of all ages may see a physical therapist in Miami or areas close to their homes and to experience a wide variety of benefits. Therapists work in conjunction with primary care physicians, as well.

Visiting a physical therapist is often one of the best choices any individual can make when they suffer from pain or an injury. Physical therapy treatment can help make patients feel stronger and boost a patient’s confidence.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to share some information on the benefits of seeing a physical therapist in Miami or the surrounding area. Read on to learn more!

How can PTs Treat Pain Conditions?

Physical therapists have specialized training and expertise in treating pain. They additionally address the source of pain as well by examining the neuromusculoskeletal system to determine where the pain may originate.

Often patients will approach their primary care physician and describe the pain symptoms that they experience. Typically, doctors will recommend physical therapy care as a first resort to helping patients recover. Physical therapy often serves as the most conservative, as well as the least intrusive intervention.

Physical therapy is a beneficial approach to overcome chronic pain and injury. It is important to understand physical therapy as a part of a potential combined approach to treating pain conditions.

Some physical therapists may address nutrition and also administer hot or cold therapy. Many PTs will even prescribe transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (or TENS) to resolve a chronic pain condition.

Most physical therapy intervention will involve a multifaceted approach with the ultimate goal of resolving patient pain in as comfortable an environment as possible.

Avoiding Surgery and Recovery

Attending appointments with at Progressive Therapy Center with a physical therapist in our Miami office is often as effective as surgery in providing pain relief (under certain circumstances). For example, patients that suffer from lower back pain conditions and similar types of ailments respond quite favorably to noninvasive approaches like physical therapy care.

Physical therapy is a conservative approach to encouraging the body to rehabilitate appropriately and effectively. With the right care, our bodies will typically heal themselves with no additional need for surgeries.

Unfortunately, situations may arise where surgical procedures are the course of treatment. The good news is that a physical therapist in Miami or close to your home can help with recovery. Surgeons and physicians recommend physical therapy as soon as possible after a surgical procedure. The role of a PT after surgery is paramount, assisting a patient throughout the healing process.

Physical therapy ultimately strengthens and empowers patients, even after they go through surgery. For this reason, physical therapy is an ideal and optimal solution for recovery after surgery.

Information on a Physical Therapist in Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical Therapist in MiamiAcross the age spectrum, there is a need to promote fitness and mobility as it is a significant health issue facing our society. With a physical therapist in Miami, from Progressive Therapy Center, we can work to solve as many health-concerned issues as possible. Our work plays a crucial role in moving forward for anyone suffering from pain or a pain-derivative condition.

Modern, sedentary lifestyles result in Americans remaining less active than what was normal even a few decades ago. For this reason, physical therapy professionals play their part in helping to cultivate and prescribe programs that combat these issues as well.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works hard to help our patients rehabilitate and recover in the most welcoming environment possible. To learn more about experiencing physical therapy care at our center in the South Florida area, contact our friendly and dedicated team today!