Physical Therapist in Doral

Finding a good physical therapist can be difficult. The relationship that a patient develops with their physical therapist is vital to their health and quick recovery. If your doctor has recommended you to a physical therapist in Doral, consider us here at Progressive Therapy Center! Our patient-centered approach puts people at ease and our experienced staff can help you get better, faster. 

What is a Physical Therapist in Doral?

A physical therapist is a medical professional that is trained in using a combination of exercises and massage techniques to speed healing and recovery. Physical therapy can help with a wide range of ailments, from regaining full range of motion after a surgery or a broken bone to more complicated conditions, like helping someone recover speech after a stroke. The type of physical therapist you should seek out depends on the type of injury you are intending to treat.

1: Pediatric Physical Therapist

One of the most common types of physical therapists is a pediatric physical therapist. Not only does working with children require a special demeanor, but it also requires specialized knowledge of pediatric anatomy. 

Due to the amount of growing that children do and the difference in their recovery time, the types of exercises given must reflect that. Our pediatric physical therapists are experts, able to put your child at ease and design specialized exercise programs specifically for them!

2: Orthopedic Physical Therapy

An orthopedic physical therapist in Doral is the job that most people imagine when physical therapy is brought up. This type of physical therapy is specifically to help heal injured muscles and tendons after an injury or surgery.

 They use sets of exercises designed to gently stretch and restore the full range of motion to a muscle or tendon after it has healed. It can also help restore strength to muscles that have been atrophied from underuse. Muscles can become atrophied in any number of ways, though the most common is from a broken bone or surgery. 

3: Neurological Physical Therapy

The next kind of physical therapy is neurological physical therapy. This kind of physical therapy is for the physical recovery from neurological injuries. 

Whether it is a stroke, heart attack, or blunt force trauma to the head, a good physical therapist in Doral can help you regain lost mobility by designing sets of exercises to re-teach your brain how to use certain muscles. For many, this kind of therapy can help them regain the independence that they never thought they would have again.

4: Vestibular Rehabilitation

A less well-known type of physical therapy is vestibular rehabilitation. When something goes wrong in the inner ear, it can result in constant dizziness and vertigo that greatly affects your day-to-day life. 

This can cause people to fall unexpectedly, misjudge distance, and make you nauseous. If you find yourself with a problem with your inner ear, our physical therapy team is here to help! We will, through a combination of physical exercises and other techniques, help you regain your sense of balance and mobility.

5: Geriatric Physical Therapy

As we get older, we need to pay special attention to our bodies. Your joints and muscles can begin to break down or show the wear and tear of our lives. By seeing a physical therapist in Doral, elderly people can keep their mobility and independence longer. 

Under the care of our physical therapy experts, they can help you design sets of exercises meant to relieve stress on aging joints and strengthen muscles to support a more active lifestyle. For the elderly, regular physical therapy can mean the difference between an independent, active life and a sedentary one dependent on others.

6: Heart-Related or Cardiovascular Physical Therapy

People who are prone to heart attacks can use a physical therapist in Doral as well. Though this is a less well-known form of physical therapy, it can be a helpful supplement to your regimen of medication. 

Cardiovascular physical therapy usually involves the stimulation and exercise of certain muscles to increase the endurance of specific muscles. The goal of this therapy is to help the patient to have the healthiest heart possible.

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Physical therapy can be a great way to optimize your life. A physical therapist in Doral or the surrounding area can be a benefit whether you are young or old, whether you are an athlete or an office worker, and whether you are looking to prevent injuries or recover from one. 

In a way, physical therapy is a great way for anyone to improve their life. Our stellar team here at Progressive Therapy Center is trained in all types of physical therapy and will work with you individually to develop the best therapy plan for you. Call us for an appointment today!