Treating Seniors with Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Pinecrest

Physical therapy enables seniors that suffer from chronic and acute pain conditions to recover and rehabilitate quickly from these circumstances. A number of physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest additionally relieve pain as it helps these patients restore several functions. These include flexibility, strength, balance, as well as coordination.

Common treatment for seniors combines several different physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest. These might include common processes like stretching, massage, or light exercise, in addition to some that patients may not be as familiar with like electrical stimulation or hydrotherapy.

Physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest aim to help senior patients return to their normal, daily activities. As a result, these treatments can help seniors remain independent as they work toward independence and recovery.

What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist or PT is a specially-educated, licensed health care specialist. They help patients reduce pain while improving and restoring mobility. Physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest from these professionals typically accomplish this without expensive surgeries. This reduces patient need for long-term prescription use, as well as their troublesome side-effects.

A PT will often additionally educate their patients on how they can prevent and manage pain conditions. This helps them achieve long-term health benefits. PTs examine every patient they see while they develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Treatments utilize techniques that promote movement ability while reducing pain, restoring function, and prevent further disability.

A physical therapist can also work with patients to prevent mobility loss before it occurs. Treatment in this fashion involves developing fitness and wellness programs that promote an active lifestyle.

Patients may receive physical therapy care in numerous different environments. This will include hospitals, private practices, outpatient settings, home health entities, schools, sports and fitness care centers, and even nursing homes.

Nonetheless, regardless of setting, a physical therapist requires a State-administered license to perform physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest.

Furthermore, physical therapists diagnose and treat patients at any age. Many of these individuals suffer from a wide variety of medical problems and other health-related circumstances. These medical professionals will design a plan that administers different physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest. These applications help patients restore movement as they recover from pain.

Administering Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Pinecrest

Physical therapists will employ several different physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest to enable patient recoveries from various physical injuries, disorders, and both long and short-term problems. The diverse treatment applications available to a provider in physical therapy helps them comprehensively treat pain while assisting patients with their recoveries.


Ultrasound can help PTs treat different musculoskeletal conditions including muscle strains and tendonitis. By stimulating these tissues, ultrasound reduces local inflammation, promotes tissue healing, and increases circulation and blood supply in superficial tissue.

Manual Traction

Manual traction involves pulling or distracting spinal segments longitudinally to relieve nerve irritation and muscle spasm. The PT will utilize a machine on the cervical spine with a neck halter, and on the lumbar spine with a pelvic belt.

Traction helps individuals who suffer from specific lower back and neck pain. This physical therapy modality decreases this pain while increasing spinal mobility. It can accomplish this by separating the joints and disc spaces within the lower back or neck. As a result, this can alleviate the pressure on spinal nerves.

Therapeutic Massage

This broad area of physical therapy involves a PT applying pressure to affected areas. Therapeutic massage can reduce pain and muscle tension while improving circulation. A physical therapist might also apply therapeutic massage to reduce swelling, stretch adhesions, as well as restore lost and impaired mobility issues.

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is an extremely common component of physical therapy. These physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest help improve patient strength, flexibility, range of motion, and functional independence. Exercise in a passive, active, or resistive form is a component of any physical therapy program.

Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest is the ideal treatment for senior patients. However, the diverse nature of physical therapy enables a PT to treat patients at any age, during every phase of life.

If you or a loved one need help through recovery and rehabilitation after an illness, surgery, as well as a disease or other condition, consider consultation with your PCP about a referral to a physical therapist. Physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest can help you or your loved one regain physical independence in a noninvasive, comprehensive treatment plan.

Progressive Therapy Center in the heart of Pinecrest is a crucial resource for individuals that suffer from chronic and acute, pain-derivative conditions. We understand that a new physical therapy regimen can seem intimidating for new patients. However, the intake and appointment procedures remain no different from the typical doctor’s appointment.

Our physical therapy team additionally works to educate patients as much as possible on how lifestyle choices affect their condition. In many instances, physical therapy treatment will involve not only new exercise applications but also making lifestyle adaptations to ensure optimal and efficient recovery.

We offer physical therapy in our treatment center, the most welcoming and comfortable environment possible. The goal behind the Progressive Therapy Center practice is exceeding patient expectations as we assist them on the journey towards recovery.

For more information on physical therapeutic modalities in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center, contact our concerned and dedicated team today. We want to help you recover and rehabilitate your condition as swiftly and easily as possible!