Kendall Area Physical Therapy Treatment

During your very first visit with a physical therapy specialist, they will administer a variety of physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall to help you move better, and feel better as well. These modalities, or treatments, augment a physical therapy program with the goal in mind to help you regain normal functional mobility.

Physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall help treat patients for numerous different pain-derivative conditions. Aiming to help strengthen, relax, and heal muscles, your PT will choose treatments depending on your specific condition, needs, as well as your rehabilitation goals.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center want to offer some information concerning physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall that our team frequently prescribes. We intend for this information to help you know what to expect during an initial visit with a physical therapy specialist.

Hot and Cold Packs

A physical therapist will commonly wrap the afflicted area with moist hot packs. The heat that these hot packs impart provides a number of significant benefits. This heat will relax tight muscles, enabling the tissues in the area to relax.

As a result, this treatment decreases pain caused by muscle tension and spasms. Furthermore, hot packs can lead to vasodilatation of the blood vessels. This results in circulation to afflicted areas. Hot packs serve as an ideal solution if you suffer from muscle strains, spasms, as well as arthritis.

A cold pack is typically comprised of a frozen gel substance. The PT will wrap the cold pack in a wet towel before applying it directly to the affected area. The freezing effects transfer to a patient’s skin, muscle, and tissues imparting several notable benefits.

Tissues decreasing in temperature causes vasoconstriction of the area’s blood vessels. As a result, this decreases inflammation by restricting local blood vessels and blood flow. This additionally reduces pain and swelling.

A physical therapist might also utilize this form of cryotherapy by applying an ice massage. The physical therapist will keep cups of ice in a freezer. They can use this ice to massage over injured tissues, helping manage both pain and inflammation. However, PTs must take care to avoid damaging skin and tissues if the ice remains on the skin for too long.


Although you may understand more about ultrasound in relation to pre-birth imaging, the machine is also used by physical therapists in physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall. Ultrasound disperses low-frequency sound waves that penetrate muscles and tissues. PTs utilize this effect for heat generation in deep tissues and muscles, promoting tissue relaxation.

For this reason, ultrasound is extremely useful to treat muscle tightness and spasms. The warming can additionally increase circulation in injured areas. As a result, this stimulates healing and inflammation decrease.

Electrical Stimulation

This treatment involves an electrical current causing singular and group muscle contraction. The PT will place electrodes on the skin to help re-educate the muscles on their natural motion. Electrical stimulation causes the muscles to contract via the electrical currents.

The PT can adjust the current setting, enabling forceful or gentle contraction. This modality increases muscle strength, additionally promoting blood supply in injured areas.

Within physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall and its electrical stimulation resides TENS. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This is a small battery-operated device that utilizes electrical signals to decrease pain.

PTs will administer electrodes to the body before turning on an electrical current. The machine sends the current through the electrodes. However, patients only feel a minute tingling sensation in their underlying skin and muscle.

This signal aims to disrupt pain transmissions between the injured area, the surrounding nerves, and the brain. By breaking up these transmissions, the patient ordinarily experiences substantially less pain.

Prosthetics and Orthotics

For many injuries, patients must employ a prosthetic or orthotic device. These devices help patients learn to move better while rehabilitating their injury. A physical therapist can educate you on how to use these devices properly while you work through a recovery or rehabilitation.

Assistive devices that physical therapists commonly use include:

  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Canes

These devices work by helping injured individuals walk and get around much easier. Depending on your specific injury, a physical therapist may also employ devices that assist the upper extremities and arms.

Physical Therapeutic Modalities in Kendall

Physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall can help you feel and move better. However, these processes and administrations should never replace active exercise regimens. A majority of injuries and procedure recoveries that result in physical limitations ideally resolve with a comprehensive movement strategy that a physical therapist can prescribe.

Before starting any physical therapy treatment, it is important that you discuss possible treatment options with your PCP. Intervention from physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall can actually help you avoid surgery and other invasive medical options.

A physical therapist will analyze your condition as they develop a comprehensive plan of action to help your recovery. Their intervention, as well as an application of physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall, assists patients by expediting and optimizing recovery and rehabilitation.

Progressive Therapy Center is a physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Pinecrest in the South Florida community. We focus on helping patients in the most comforting and welcoming environment possible. For more information on our physical therapeutic modalities in Kendall applications and how they can help you, contact our dedicated staff today. We want to help you feel your absolute best on your journey towards preeminent wellness.