What Patients Can Gain from One-on-One Time with a Physical Therapist

One on One Physical Therapy in South MiamiIn general, physical therapy is a conservative approach that could help you regain, as well as restore pain-free, comfortable movement. It also aims to help restore you to a level of overall health experienced before an injury, disability, or unfortunate condition.



By providing one on one physical therapy in South Miami PTs provide comprehensive solutions that work together systematically. As a result, patients can gain the benefits of a reduction in post-treatment injury, as well as overall treatment costs.

To achieve this, a PT will devise and implement a customized program with a holistic approach. The ultimate goal is restoring physical health, in addition to improving overall health and wellness. One on one physical therapy in South Miami also mitigates the potential for future injury and illness.

A physical therapy regimen remains helpful no matter your age, treating a wide variety of health conditions. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center is going to start from the top, providing an overview of some significant benefits.

Offering Pain Relief with a Conservative Approach

In most scenarios, you may visit a primary care physician to try and obtain relief for your physical pain. This might reflect stubborn, nagging lower back pain, shoulder pain, or other joint pain that detracts from your quality of life.

One on one physical therapy in South Miami often represent the least invasive approach to helping most patients manage their health concerns. For this reason, numerous different physicians refer their patients to a physical therapist before relying on more intrusive administrations.

Once patients begin to understand and accept the benefits that this treatment option can provide, they typically respond swiftly and positively while observing preeminent results!

The majority of patients that end up obtaining physical therapy care do so aiming to mitigate painful musculoskeletal issues. Chronic pain may serve as the most frustrating experience. This is mainly due to difficulty in diagnosing underlying concerns.

Nevertheless, one on one physical therapy in South Miami can help you mobilize your joints and soft tissue. This will restore overall muscle function. As a result, you can experience a reduction in aches and pains, sometimes even eliminating any symptoms whatsoever.

Furthermore, a physical therapist often prescribes at-home exercises and activities. These continue treatment as time goes on, as well as during a treatment regimen with a physical therapist. This means that if you continue performing the prescribed activities, you may keep pain symptoms from returning!

One on One Physical Therapy in South Miami Can Help You Avoid Surgery

Especially in cases of injury, surgery may seem like an inevitability to remedy your pain condition. However, physical therapy can often prove at least as effective for providing pain relief.

When a physician determines a more conservative approach remains appropriate, they will recommend a visit with a physical therapist. With proper treatment intervention, your body can actually heal itself with no need for surgical intervention. What better way to experience personal, hands-on treatment than with one on one physical therapy in South Miami?

Unfortunately, scenarios do arise with injuries and other pain-derivative conditions that require surgery. This might include a joint replacement surgery, or repair for a fractured or damaged hip, knee, etc.

In this scenario, a physical therapist may begin planning out a regimen containing exercises as soon as possible after a surgical procedure. One on one physical therapy in South Miami becomes a paramount component in helping recovery and rehabilitation.

This care intervention also plays a role in helping patients prepare for surgery. This is what we call pre-surgical physical therapy. PT will strengthen you, enabling a swift, efficient recovery once a surgical treatment is complete.

One on One Physical Therapy in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

With a growing obesity epidemic in the United States, mobility is one of the most critical health issues concerning our society today all across the age spectrum. Physical therapy can solve many health-related issues that afflict modern Americans by getting them moving.

One on one physical therapy in South Miami reduces the number of sessions you might require to obtain an effective treatment. Nonetheless, this will depend on your unique pathology, as well as your goals for treatment.

Through one on one care, your sessions can help you cultivate and grow a relationship with a physical therapist as they attend to your needs. Progressive Therapy Center holds ourselves to a higher standard. We strive to provide the best quality care to every patient. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our welcoming and caring team today!