One on One Physical Therapy in Palmetto BayThe Benefits of One on One Physical Therapy in Palmetto Bay

Ever find yourself doing what you’re expected to do in a waiting room? Unfortunately, with the number of in-need patients versus the roster of available doctors with the training and experience necessary to care for their needs, crowded waiting rooms and long delays before even seeing a specialist has become the norm.

Fortunately, many physical therapists, including ours from Progressive Therapy Center book and commit to one on one physical therapy in Palmetto Bay. This approach challenges a changing belief that the only way to experience physical therapy is amongst numerous other patients and in-need individuals.

Patients should not need to share their time when it comes to their rehabilitation and treatment. PTs that offer one on one care believe that time is a precious commodity. When it comes to your healthcare, this care intervention can offer many benefits that our experts want to share.

Fully-Engaged Commitment to Your Needs

When PTs must divide their time amongst multiple clients at the same time, this could also mean that some clients get more attention than others. As a result, you may end up paying for shared care while running the risk of receiving less attention that you require.

If something goes wrong, or you begin experiencing differences with your symptoms, split care may not afford you the ability to communicate these issues with a physical therapist. Patients often experience scenarios where they need assistance, and recovery could slow as PTs must divide their time amongst multiple patients.

Fortunately, one on one physical therapy in Palmetto Bay can alleviate this. These PTs focus on your unique, individual needs, priding themselves on their role in your recovery. By not splitting attention between patients, you can observe better results swifter, as well as more efficiently.

Licensed Staff At-the-Ready

Some physical therapy companies will utilize what we call support staff. These specialists do not represent members of your care team. However, physical therapists may still rely on them to help you do exercises, stretches, etc. 

Unfortunately, not all of these specialists reflect licensed professional. Some may not wield any clinic education whatsoever. For this reason, more and more states now outlaw unlicensed support staff to provide care for physical therapy patients.

Furthermore, physical therapists may also waste time to help other patients and complete tasks that remain unrelated to your care. You may enter a facility, and the PT puts you on a stationary bike or treadmill. It’s fair to assume that this is part of your treatment regimen. Regrettably, this is a tactic that inadequate physical therapists will lean on to use their time elsewhere.

With one on one physical therapy in Palmetto Bay, PTs understand that your time is precious. For this reason, physical therapists will not utilize time fillers. Instead, that focus on your unique needs without support staff. This means 100 percent of the PTs attention at all times.

Something Different from the Industry Standard

In modern medicine, including physical therapy care, specialists remain overworked. A common industry standard is PTs scheduling 2 or more patients at a time per hour. This is where many PTs will lean on their aforementioned support staff to make up the difference.

With one on one physical therapy in Palmetto Bay, you gain a licensed, educated, and experienced specialist that solely services patients. This extends to preparation beyond execution in developing individualized treatment plans, matching your conditions up with your goals.

One on One Physical Therapy in Palmetto Bay with Progressive Therapy Center

One on one care goes beyond the minimum training requirements, ensuring that you maximize your rehabilitation and recovery with efficacy. This means that you will receive the absolute best in attention and care from start to finish.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients optimize and streamline their care in a welcoming environment. The center is located at the heart of the Pinecrest neighborhood, not far from Palmetto Bay.

When you select our facility for your needs, we provide one on one care with a licensed and experience physical therapist. We work to go above and beyond industry standards, in addition to patient expectations in any interaction on your road to recovery.

To learn more about our one on one physical therapy in Palmetto Bay or other physical therapy and recovery programs, contact our dedicated and experienced PT staff today to schedule an appointment!