Does Your Condition Need Physical or Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy Vs. Physical Therapy in South MiamiOccupational therapists and physical therapists seem to provide a similar function. Both of these approaches address patient function after an injury, illness, or surgical procedure. However, many people still wonder about the relationship and differences regarding occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami.


Despite the amount of rhetoric concerning similarities between the two professions, many significant differences still exist. Nevertheless, these professionals may also work side by side. In some settings, the two therapeutic administrations may look virtually identical.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to outline some information concerning occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami that we hope clears things up. The two can seem almost like a Venn diagram of therapeutic interventions. Nonetheless, the following information should describe some similarities and differences between the two.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists optimize their patients’ quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on treatment, as well as patient education. This basically means that PTs help people move better and feel better after they suffer from an injury, undergo a surgical procedure, or experience an illness.

Considering occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami, PT tends to focus more on evaluation and diagnosis regarding movement dysfunctions. This is not to say that occupational therapists do not administer a diagnosis. However, PTs remain more likely to diagnose and treat the core issue as the source of movement issues.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy appears very similar to traditional physical therapy in many situations. However, the approach is where these two therapeutic interventions differ.

Occupational therapists aim to help patients do the things that they want or need to do. “Occupational” in this sense may seem like treatment to help with the betterment or improvement of an individual’s career. Nevertheless, this is in reference to any important daily activities that occupy a patient’s time.

An inability to perform these meaningful tasks may result in functional mobility loss, in addition to disability. Occupational therapists can help patients regain their full function while approaching these tasks, enabling them to return to as normal a lifestyle as possible.

So, comparing occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami, both involve working with individuals to help them regain optimal mobility. The question remains, how can a person distinguish between which they need for their condition? Does this even really matter?

Deciding on a Specific Therapy – Occupational Therapy Vs. Physical Therapy in South Miami

When patients must choose between occupational or physical therapy, it helps for them to consider their specific injury, as well as the cause for the injury to occur. Occupational therapists focus on returning to daily tasks while a PT aims to determine a health an underlying condition.

Every injury or condition that would necessitate intervention from one of these professionals could result in the loss of performing important functional tasks that they need each day. This is where an OT can step in to help focus on returning to adequate ability in these normal situations.

Physical therapy’s focus may seem vaguer, but they essentially rebuild gross motor skills. Every patient will experience a unique treatment plan based on their needs. This might include developing the skills they need to sit upright, as well as their posture. It may also incorporate hand-eye coordination drills as well.

PTs aim more towards correcting disability and rehabilitation after a condition occurs, or when a patient needs assistance in recovery. This is contrary to the occupational therapy approach regarding task-specific exercise and recovery.

Occupational Therapy Vs. Physical Therapy in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

Regardless of your decision considering occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami, specialists will take an individualized approach to treatment. They wield training and experience that helps them understand that every patient is unique, with particular needs.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center embraces that differences in our patients. For this reason, we cultivate individualized programs that work best and can provide the best possible results.

In fact, our team can help you decide between occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami. We will work closely with you as a patient to select the best intervention for your special condition.

Progressive Therapy Center offers an invitation to experience preeminent rehabilitation and recovery in the most welcoming environment possible, our center in the heart of Pinecrest. To learn more about what to decide between occupational therapy vs. physical therapy in South Miami, contact us today!