Occupational Therapy in Coral Gables

Can Occupational Therapy in Coral Gables Help You?

Many people commonly mistake occupational therapy for assistance and counsel from a career specialist. In reality, therapists that offer occupational therapy in Coral Gables or areas near you, are, in a way, concerned with your job. However, more so in terms of your physical ability to perform job tasks in addition to activities that provide meaning in your daily life.

Occupational therapy is a treatment modality that aims to help you recover from or develop new skills that you could need for daily living. These often include things like self-care, leisure, independent living, as well as job tasks for work.

OT specialists may work in various formats like hospitals or schools. Nonetheless, you can find them almost anywhere that health and wellness remain a focus like nursing homes, care facilities, and even in patient’s homes.

Numerous patients from all walks of life can benefit from occupational therapy in Coral Gables. Some of the most typical are those that suffer from strokes, or autism and other developmental disorders. OT treatment may also assist those that suffer from depression and anxiety, in addition to veterans and the elderly.

With such a diverse range of specialties and a significant number of overlaps and similarities with a physical therapy specialist regarding the care they provide, our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to shed some light on occupational therapy in Coral Gables and everything they can offer you when you need care.

What Does an Occupational Therapist Actual Do?

Occupational therapists represent critical resources in rehabilitation, as well as a supplemental component for overall health and wellness. Nevertheless, so many misunderstand precisely what they can provide their patients.

Occupational therapy in Coral Gables applies to various age groups. OT specialists may treat everyone from newborn babies to the elderly in a range of different work setups, including hospitals and private schools.

OTs primarily focus on assessment and plan intervention that depends on the unique, individual needs of their patients. This means that the occupational therapist will look at your current abilities, including active participation, and help you to become more independent in differing areas of your life.

In hospitals and healthcare facility settings, occupational therapists will assist recovering and rehabilitating patients with seemingly everyday activities like dressing, bathing, and hygiene. This intervention helps to prepare patients to go home.

Nonetheless, occupational therapists will also work to help you with long-term care. This could remain necessary as the result of an injury, or in scenarios where you require nursing care and further rehabilitation.

You may look at occupational therapy in Coral Gables as a grouping of fun activities. They’ll do things like work on your balance and hand-eye coordination by working with small basketballs or baseballs, etc. Ultimately their focus and goals will remain on reducing your liabilities and optimizing potential deficiencies like working towards improving mobility and reducing falls.

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in Coral Gables

To separate these very similar treatments, it helps to focus on where both approaches appear different as opposed to their similarities. Occupational therapists work to improve the life skills or vocational paths of their clients.

When thinking about occupational therapy in Coral Gables, the term “occupational” refers to anything that potentially occupies your time. This form of rehabilitation can help you overcome or make the necessary adaptations to your potentially deficient function and live as independently as possible.

Consequently, physical therapists diagnose and treat specific injuries and movement dysfunctions. For example, you may need assistance from a physical therapist to help you manage physical pain and restrictions in your movement after a surgical procedure or due to an injury or condition.

Physical therapists will work to help you through interventions like exercise or massage aiming to alleviate the need for surgery or long-term medications. Many athletes seek out physical therapists specifically to help them rehabilitate and recover from a torn ligament. Similarly, patients seek out physical therapy to manage pain through very specialized exercises aiming towards remedying this condition.

Information on Occupational Therapy in Coral Gables from Progressive Therapy Center

Precisely how an occupational therapist can assist, you may vary. Every patient, in addition to their conditions, is different. For this reason, some clients could require visitation with an occupational therapy specialist for a long time. Others may only need treatment for a small, specific task for a short amount of time.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients feel as comfortable as possible while receiving care in the most welcoming environment possible. To learn more about occupational therapy in Coral Gables, contact our dedicated and concerned team today!