Physical Therapy for Neurological Conditions in South Miami

Your nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and controls all the working parts of your body. When something occurs that disrupts the natural function of your nervous system, you may experience difficulty moving, speaking, swallowing, and even learning. This may also create issues with memory, senses, and mood.

Physical therapy for neurological conditions in South Miami remains very important for individuals that suffer from neurological issues and injuries. Without intervention from a physical therapist after a neurological injury, you could lose many functions. This includes the ability to perform certain activities while losing your independence. Decreased activity may additionally result in other health problems as well.

Neurological physical therapists focus on helping you improve or restore mobility and strength that you need to move on with your life. For many patients that seek a surgical, or pain medication alternative, physical therapy for neurological conditions in South Miami remains an ideal option.

Physical therapy blends science and inspiration as the specialist teaches you how to prevent and manage health conditions. Furthermore, PTs can motivate you during treatment, enabling you to function preeminently. This all concerns simply understanding your body to achieve the numerous long-term benefits that treatment can provide.

How can Physical Therapy Help with Neurological Conditions in South Miami?

Physical therapists that wield training in neurological issues specialize in the evaluation and treatment of people that suffer from movement issues related to disease or injury of the nervous system. These professionals will work with a wide variety of individuals that may suffer from the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Stroke
  • Brain trauma
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Following initial diagnoses, physical therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation. This analysis determines your current function, in addition to issues that concern maintained function and independence.

Physical therapists will help patients regain many of their former function they possibly lose due to injury. As a result, physical therapy can help you learn to live independently once again in spite of your former condition. Treatment often results in a better quality of life for physical therapy patients, in addition to friends and loved ones around them.

How Physical Therapists Treat Neurological Conditions in South Miami

Many people think of runners and athletes when they think of physical therapists. However, their specialty helps conditions that negatively impact the nervous system in an individual. This can commonly occur in patient populations both young and old.

Physical therapy essentially tricks the brain. A simple exercise for 10-15 minutes can stimulate the mind, creating a neurological awakening. When you commit to physical therapy, you may discover that you feel like an entirely new people while engaged in exercise.

This type of treatment is also particularly useful to help seniors in nursing facilities who main remain prone to falling. Many of these individuals lose the ability to calibrate themselves. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to the environment around us. Even when we stand on a seemingly level asphalt or concrete surface, the brain will consistently make adjustments.

For these patients, neurological issues may impact more of their lives than they even realize. Seniors begin losing mobility with age, but neurological conditions in South Miami can compound these symptoms.

Exercise is such a crucial component of good health and mood. When individuals suffer from neurological disorders, activity becomes difficult, painful, and even dangerous. Physical therapy will combine multiple modalities to help these individuals retrain their bodies more naturally.

It takes quite a bit of effort to move in a normal fashion. Fortunately, physical therapy for neurological conditions in South Miami works to educate you on self-calibration. This can help you gain independence instead of relying on your nervous system to perform on its own.

Despite rhetoric linking physical therapy care with athletes, individuals that suffer from neurological conditions need their help just as much. Intervention from a qualified specialist may mean the difference between living life in pain and a full, healthy life.

Treatment for Neurological Conditions in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

The physical therapists from our team at Progressive Therapy Center wield specialized training to assist individuals that suffer from neurological conditions in South Miami. Our team remains dedicated to employing the most recent, evidence-based research and treatment, as well as assistive technology. This enables our patients to engage in meaningful, purposeful activities during their daily lives.

We tailor our treatment approach to every patient’s unique, individual condition. Our PTs will address specific problem areas while designing regimens to help patients achieve their optimal function potential.

Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients prepare for surgical procedures, or recover from surgery and injury in the most welcoming environment possible. When you step into our office located in the heart of the Pinecrest neighborhood, you can learn what it is like to get treated like a member of our physical therapy family.

When people suffer from an unfortunate neurological issue, they may feel like all hope remains lost. However, with intervention from physical therapy, you can overcome and regain your former level of function.

To learn more about how physical therapy assists patients with neurological conditions in South Miami, or how Progressive Therapy Center can help you, contact our caring and concerned team today. We want to help you experience an optimal, streamlined recovery while setting your off on the road toward success.