Manual Therapy in Palmetto Bay for Pain Relief

Many patients arrive at their very first physical therapy appointment expecting a licensed professional to hand them hot packs, and massage their muscles a bit. While this isn’t incredibly off base, most therapists approach restoration from a slightly different perspective.

Therapists typically demonstrate an interest in why muscles and tissues don’t function properly, additionally viewing exercise as a supplement to manual therapy in Palmetto Bay. This involves analyzing specific joint and tissue functions that may reside far away from areas where individuals experience a pain condition.

Manual therapy in Palmetto Bay serves as a specialized physical therapy form delivered directly by a specialists hands. Contrary to chiropractic and other neuromusculoskeletal modalities that utilize devices and machines, manual therapy in Palmetto Bay focuses on manipulating tissues and joints with a hands-on approach.

Manual Therapy in Palmetto Bay to Manage Back Pain

All physical therapists possess the option to utilize manual therapy in Palmetto Bay in their practice. However, many don’t spend the time or resources to demonstrate proficiency in this specified practice area.

Manual therapy is ideal for numerous different conditions that don’t reveal themselves during imaging and lab testing. Many manual therapy specialists will conduct motion testing and treatment before determining manual therapy in Palmetto Bay as an ideal treatment solution.

Many patients receive a referral for physical therapy treatment from their primary care physician (PCP). Nevertheless, orthopedic surgeons and other doctors that take part in back care also refer patients for physical therapy.

It is important to remember how manual therapy in Palmetto Bay can benefit conditions that may not reflect from many modern testing methods. Several conditions can benefit from this traditional physical therapy treatment and “hands-on” modality.

Manual Therapy in Palmetto Bay for Acute and Chronic Conditions

Manual therapy in Palmetto Bay remains helpful to patients that suffer from joint mobility and range of motion issues. These limitations that certain neuromusculoskeletal conditions may impart can result in discomfort, pain, and patients altering their posture, function, and movement.

Manual physical therapy involves a specialist restoring mobility to stiff joints and tissues while reducing tension. This helps patients return to their more natural movements without suffering from pain. As a result, manual therapy in Palmetto Bay provides pain relief for patients that suffer from both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Manual therapists aim to relax tense muscles and restricted joints to decrease pain while simultaneously increasing flexibility. The modality’s techniques employ two different types of movement. These include:

  • Soft tissue treatment – this approach includes massage therapy. Massage therapy applies pressure to soft tissues in the body, helping to relax the areas as it increases circulation. Soft tissue treatment breaks up scar tissue as well, helping to ease the pain in soft tissue areas.
  • Tissue mobilization and manipulation – these techniques utilize measured movements at varying speeds, in addition to force and distance. Tissue mobilization involves a specialist twisting, pulling, and pushing joints into their natural position. As a result, they can loosen tightness and help with flexibility, alignment, and pain.

Maintaining Relief in the Long-Term

To continue the overall, comprehensive healing process, physical therapists encourage patients to engage in treatments during and after manual therapy in Palmetto Bay. They will provide patients with an exercise regimen to perform at home for optimal results.

These exercise programs will include stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as low-impact aerobics. An at-home exercise regimen will typically reflect a reasonable maintenance routine that patients can perform on their own.

The ultimate goal for an at-home manual therapy regimen is ensuring the best possible outcome during, and after therapy. This will help patients maintain the right type and accurate level of activity to prevent pain from reoccurring. As a result, this can also help patients avoid future therapy treatments as well!

Manual Therapy in Palmetto Bay with Progressive Therapy Center

When you begin to experience chronic or acute pain, a trip to a chiropractor or physical therapist should not be far behind. These specialists can help you set your system right, ensuring the best possible outcome as you overcome pain.

A physical therapist can analyze your posture, as well as the range-of-motion and numerous other facets of your body. They use movement to determine the root cause of a pain condition. This will help them cultivate a unique, individual treatment plan that fits your needs.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center focuses on helping individuals treat and overcome pain as we help them on the road to recovery. Many of our patients seek out our services due to issues they face from pain conditions. They may also deal with recovery problems they may face after a surgical procedure.

We remain the ideal solution for the best possible results in a welcoming environment. We treat patients in a comfortable location, our office located in the heart of Pinecrest. Our therapists treat patients all over the South Florida community as a vital resource for physical therapy solutions.

Through our approach, you can experience increased, comprehensive health and wellness all over your body. Utilizing manual therapy in Palmetto Bay will help you reduce wear and tear on your system as you begin feeling better and better.

Hands-on treatment is the best way to stimulate circulation and the delivery of nutrients to all areas of the body. For more information on how our team can help you with manual therapy in Palmetto Bay, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!