Manual Therapy – Hands on Healing

Many individuals who never previously experienced physical therapy before think that this reparative modality is comprised of simple exercises and hot and cold applications. Despite that both of these represent facets of manual physical therapy in Pinecrest on the whole, manual therapy consists of so much more. Furthermore, manual physical therapy in Pinecrest can reduce a patient’s recovery type while increasing range of motion and overall strength.

What is Manual Physical Therapy in Pinecrest?

Manual therapy is a modality for healing utilizing a therapist’s hands. The methods that manual physical therapy in Pinecrest encompasses relieves pain and restores mobility. Manual therapy includes kneading and manipulating the soft tissues that include muscles.

As a result, the treatment increases circulation reduces scar tissue and relaxes muscles. These processes ultimately help a patient reduce their pain. Manual therapy might also include a joint mobilization and manipulation regimen. A therapist will employ measured movements at varying speeds and forces to move the bones and joints.

Joint manipulation and mobilization are characterized by an audible popping sound. This manual therapy uses passive movement aimed at the afflicted skeletal joint. By applying manual pressure, this decreases the stiffness in the joints. The modality aims to change mobility or length of connective tissues.

By utilizing these methods, a specialist can loosen tight tissues that surround the joints, therefore helping with flexibility, mobility, as well as pain. Manual therapy works ideally harmoniously with an exercise program. When combined with exercise, manual physical therapy in Pinecrest will restore function optimally.

Is Manual Physical Therapy in Pinecrest Right for you?

Many individuals think that manual therapy is simply a gentle massage. Although manual therapy often involves massaging soft tissues, the modality treats specific conditions. While a massage aims to relieve general tension, manual therapy is performed by a certified physical therapist. This individual will possess substantial knowledge about the human body.

Exercise does not represent a comprehensive alternative to manual therapy either. A physical fitness regimen is a valuable part of physical therapy, however, it works better when paired with manual therapy.

You can treat any painful or stiff joint utilizing manual physical therapy in Pinecrest. This modality does not possess limitations on the joints a specialist may treat, and you can receive manual therapy for your spine, elbow, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle.

Beginning Manual Physical Therapy in Pinecrest

Starting a new physical therapy schedule may prove scary or stressful for many first-time patients. When a physician recommends a specialist for physical therapy, numerous individuals don’t know what to do next.

Most clinics will want you to arrive early to fill out your paperwork before you meet the physical therapy specialist. This may seem tedious, however, it provides the physical therapist with a plethora of valuable information. This information will include your past medical history, medications, as well as current symptoms. The specialist will utilize this information to ensure they ask appropriate questions regarding your state of health.

At Progressive Therapy Centers, we always recommend that patients wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for their initial evaluation. This will enable your therapist to freely and accurately examine your target areas.

This initial consultation is also the best time to address any questions or concerns. Your therapist will likely begin with some general questions about why you need therapy, as well as your goals or expectations. By establishing a history concerning your injury, a therapist can streamline and optimize your treatment plan.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization breaks up inelastic muscle tissues. This leads to a relaxation effect for muscle tension. Manual therapy often applies traction to affected areas. This is to attempt to restore the normal texture and quality of the tissue while reducing pain.

The pressure and counter pressure technique corrects neuromuscular reflexes as they react abnormally. Specialists can utilize this for patients with both acute, as well as delicate back conditions. Manual therapy serves as an effective method to address numerous different medical conditions.

Manual Physical Therapy in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Centers

Here at Progressive Therapy Center, we believe in educating our patients, as well as our community. This information enables patients to receive and utilize optimal benefits that manual physical therapy in Pinecrest imparts.

Our team is more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with the public, patients, as well as other clinicians. Our mission is educating while helping individuals overcome their conditions.

Progressive Therapy Center assists the South Florida community as a crucial resource that provides the area with physical therapy treatment. Located in the heart of Pinecrest, we offer treatment to area residents that can help them alleviate and resolve numerous different conditions.

Our specialists will apply manual physical therapy in Pinecrest, in addition to utilizing the most advanced technology available anywhere in the PT field. We strive to continue providing patients with the best possible care by utilizing evidence-based research while maximizing our attention and planning on their needs.

The preeminent goal is going above and beyond to exceed patient expectations. This involves a substantial commitment to providing the best possible treatment quality, in addition to educating and ensuring patients involve themselves actively at home.

For more information on manual physical therapy in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center, contact our caring and concerned therapy team today. We want to get involved, guiding you as you make your way through your journey to the happiest and healthiest you!