Manual Physical Therapy in Palmetto Bay for Pain Relief

Numerous patients enter their first manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay session expecting a regimen comprised of hot packs, ultrasound, as well as instructions on some take-home exercises. These modalities do serve their purpose for a number of conditions, and many therapists agree that exercise is a vital component to help restore imbalances in the muscular system.

However, therapists often approach restoring muscular function from an alternative perspective. These same professionals wield interest in precisely why the muscle is not functioning correctly, viewing exercise as more than the driving force behind recovery. They view an exercise regimen as an ideal complement to manual therapy.

Manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay is a specialized physical therapy form that a specialist delivers with their own hands. Contrarily, traditional physical therapy often involved application with machines and devices.

With manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay, a practitioner applies pressure on muscle tissue while manipulating joints. This is to decrease pain due to muscle spasms and tension, as well as joint dysfunction.

Manual Physical Therapy in Palmetto Bay Provides Relief for Acute and Chronic Conditions

Manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay is a helpful method to treat joints that may lack proper mobility or range of motion. These may result from a plethora of musculoskeletal conditions. The limitations of this form can result in discomfort, pain, in addition to alterations in function, posture, and movement.

This treatment involves restoring mobility to stiff joints and tissues, as well as reducing muscle tension. The goal is returning patients to natural movements free from pain. For this reason, manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay may offer pain relief for patients that suffer from chronic conditions, in addition to acute conditions that stem from soft tissue injuries.

Despite a lack of extensive clinical study on the subject, limited date demonstrates substantial effectiveness. Manual physical therapy focuses on relaxing tense tissue and restricted joints. As a result, this can decrease pain while increasing flexibility. A physical therapist may employ the following techniques:

  • Mobilization/Manipulation – this technique utilizes limited movements at varying speeds, force, and distance. A specialist will twist, pull, or push bones or joints into proper position.
  • Soft Tissue Work – Soft tissue work, including massage, applies pressure to bodily soft tissues. The applied pressure may relax muscles while increasing circulation, breaking up scar tissue, and easing pain in the soft tissue areas.

Before beginning manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay, a practitioner will perform a full assessment of blood and nerve supply in target areas. They may also administer a bone and muscle assessment. These analyzations can determine potential risk factors derivative of pain management.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

For virtually any patient, it is important to recognize the role that muscles play, as well as their attachments to the joints. Muscle tension often decreases once a specialist restores joint function. However, the spasm frequently continues in prevalent fashion.

In these cases, the specialist will address muscle tension to prevent joint dysfunction return. The goal of soft tissue mobilization is breaking up inelastic or fibrous muscle tissue. This might include scar tissue from an injury.

A specialist will commonly apply these procedures to muscle systems surrounding the injured area. The modality consists of rhythmic stretching, as well as deep pressure. They will also target areas imparting the greatest tissue restriction through a comprehensive analysis.

Once they identify these areas, they can mobilize these restrictions through several applications. This often involves placing traction force on tight areas while attempting to restore normal texture to tissues. As a result, they can often reduce the amount of associated pain.

To continue healing and prevent recurring pain, the therapists from Progressive Therapy Center encourage patients to engage in exercises after manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay. These will include stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as low-impact conditioning.

This regiment is entirely reasonable for patients to complete on their own. The goal behind this aspect is maintaining adequate activity levels and the right type of exercises. This can prevent future pain and a need to revisit for additional therapy sessions.

Manual Physical Therapy in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Progressive Therapy Center serves as a vital resource within the South Florida community. Our outpatient therapy clinic assists patients by offering comprehensive, patient-centered physical therapy care.

Located in the heart of Pinecrest, we can assist you with both chronic and acute pain conditions. Regardless if you suffer from a pain-related condition, or need help recovering from a surgical procedure or injury, we offer the solutions you need.

Our specialists apply a combination of manual therapy, in addition to the modernist technological advancements in the physical therapy field. For this reason, we remain in a unique, advantageous position to optimally assist our community.

Progressive Therapy Center maintains an emphasis on treating patients by offering them unique, individual care plans for their needs. We will help them achieve optimal outcomes involving limited steps.

For more information on manual physical therapy in Palmetto Bay, contact Progressive Therapy Center today. Our caring and concerned team is ready to not only help you with your condition but educate you on how you can overcome!

The goal behind any physical therapy treatment plan is assisting patients with a return to the activities they love. We want to be your guide on your journey to preeminent wellness, as well as a happy and healthy life!