Manual Therapy

Many patients, friends, or family all Progressive Therapy Center the same question when they first hear about manual therapy: “What is it?”

Manual Physical Therapy in Kendall is essentially “hands-on” treatment of underperforming muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Comprised of a broad system of modalities, manual therapy is performed by trained physical therapy specialists.

The treatment may include moving joints in specific directions at limited ranges. This helps regain movement in patients. The modality additionally includes muscle stretching, passive movement, as well as designed movements that improve muscle activation. Specialists also utilize specific soft tissue techniques to improve tissue, nerve, and muscle function, in addition to mobility.

The natural healing results from human touch is an essential facet of manual physical therapy in Kendall. This philosophy enables patients to enjoy faster recovery periods and an improved wellbeing. When you combine manual physical therapy in Kendall with brisk-to-moderate exercise, the result is exponential.

How Does Manual Physical Therapy in Kendall Differ from Other Therapies?

Many patients think that manual therapy is similar to other treatments such as chiropractic or massage. However, the primary difference resides in the integration process.

Manual physical therapy in Kendall focuses on carefully examining a patient’s movements. This includes analyzing a range of motion restrictions, as well as compensatory movements that may prevent optimal healing.

Specialists continually assess patients throughout a treatment, altering techniques to accommodate treatment responses. Clinical research demonstrates that optimal manual therapy effectiveness stems from application combined with specific exercises to restore function.

What Conditions Benefit from Manual Physical Therapy in Kendall?

A physical therapist administering manual physical therapy can treat both acute, as well as chronic pain conditions. When an injury results in soft tissue damage, in addition to joint restriction, this may lead to pain during movement.

Manual physical therapy in Kendall helps patients improve and restore their mobility while reducing pain and restoring adequate soft-tissue and joint function.

Manual therapy represents more than the cherry on top of the sundae regarding its role in physical therapy care. Instead, it is more similar to the utensil you use while you eat your ice cream. Although numerous methods exist to transport the ice cream from the dish to your mouth, none of them do so as easily or as enjoyable.

You can say the same for manual physical therapy in Kendall. While numerous therapists exist that do not utilize this approach, the modality still serves its essential role in physical therapy treatment.

Seeking a Skilled Manual Therapist

In the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, specialists employ countless approaches and techniques that align with manual therapy. Harkening back to the days of healing gurus, these individuals possessed seemingly magic hands to assist with numerous dysfunctions.

For virtually any physical therapy patient, it is important to find a specialist who has refined their palpatory skills. This demonstrates that the professional you choose is proficient in a variety of techniques. Furthermore, this enables the specialist to address a variety of issues.

Wielding skill concerning manual therapy resides within an ability to seamlessly display purposeful human touch. Additionally, any adequate professional can integrate these methods into a comprehensive treatment regimen.

However, they also must continue with patients and their individual values at the center. Manual therapy does require substantial skill. Nonetheless, this skill is not contained in the technique itself.

Instead, the magic in manual therapy is demonstrated by the therapist’s knowledge concerning when, when not, how much, and why manual therapy is effective.

At Progressive Therapy Center, we believe that there is a skill in manual therapy. This does not stem from proficiency in performing the techniques. Contrarily, true manual therapy skill derives from hearing what patients impart about what they feel.

Specialists must adjust their treatment on the fly utilizing evidence-based research, as well as rational thought. For the best results, they will pair these techniques with testing and retesting. This will extensively determine results through evaluation.

Manual Physical Therapy in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Consulting first with a physical therapist before administering medication or undergoing unwanted surgeries will reduce patient recovery times.

Once this specialist evaluates a patient, determining their issues, they can plan a proper course of action concerning the treatment of an injury, or recovery and rehabilitation.

Here at Progressive Therapy Center, our team administers a combination of manual techniques with the most advanced technologies available in the physical therapy field. For this reason, we can ensure preeminent patient-centered care.

Our team assists patients with numerous conditions. These include post-surgical physical therapy, in addition to injury recovery. Progressive Therapy Center is located in the heart of Pinecrest, a neighborhood in the Miami area not very far from Kendall.

If you need assistance with a chronic or acute pain condition, our team can assist you with your recovery. We will help you return to the activities you enjoy most in your daily life as we guide you through this transitional journey.

Our goal is helping patients by employing evidence-based research. This approach helps us focus on patients while determining optimal treatment courses.

For more information on manual physical therapy in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center, contact our caring and concerned professional staff today.

We want to help you on your journey to recovery, abstaining from traditional medical application or surgery. In our welcoming recovery environment, the Progressive team can help you optimally recover in the most comfortable environment possible.