Specialists Healing with their Hands

Numerous individuals enter our offices at Progressive Therapy Center that never before experienced physical therapy. Many times, these individuals think that the rehabilitative, healing modality involves nothing more than some exercises and a specialist applying hot and cold packs.

Although both of these treatments exist in manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay, the physical therapy application involves so much more. A manual therapy specialist will often administer techniques to reduce patient recoveries, as well as increase range of motion and overall strength.

What exactly is Manual Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay?

Manual therapy serves as a hands-on modality that is comprised of healing techniques designed specifically to reduce patient pain while restoring mobility. The techniques in manual therapy include kneading, as well as manipulating soft tissues.

Using these applications, the treatment may increase circulation. As a result, manual therapy may reduce scar tissue, as well as stimulate natural healing by relaxing muscles. These procedures ultimately assist patients by reducing their overall pain.

A manual therapy regiment may also contain joint manipulation and mobilization therapies. This involves therapists employing measured movements at a variety of speeds and forces to get a patient’s bones and joints moving.

Joint manipulation and mobilization is typically characterized by an audible “pop”. This is a result of manual therapy utilizing passive movement directed towards afflicted skeletal joints. When a specialist applies manual pressure on these targeted areas, this will help them by decreasing stiffness afflicting the joint.

Manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay attempts to change the length, in addition to the mobility of connective tissues. By employing these methods, a specialist loosens tightened tissues surrounding the joints. As a result, they can help with flexibility, mobility, in addition to pain.

Ideally, patients would undergo manual therapy in combination with a brisk-to-moderate physical therapy regimen. As they combine the benefits of manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay with an effective exercise regimen, they can streamline the functional ability.

Do you represent an Ideal Candidate for Manual Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay?

We hear it all the time, “Isn’t manual therapy the same thing as massage therapy?” The short and long answer to this question is a resounding “Not really”. Although manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay often involves varying forms of massage therapy, this treatment plan intends to address specific conditions. Contrarily, massages relieve general overall tension.

Additionally, massage therapy specialists perform the modality, while manual therapy is performed by a licensed and board-certified physical therapist. This individual will wield extensive knowledge concerning the human body and the musculoskeletal system

Exercise is not a suitable alternative to physical therapy treatment. It is valuable in helping individuals rehabilitate, but works better in conjunction with manual therapy than on its own.

Manual Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay is an ideal treatment to help individuals mobilize their stiff joints and address their acute and chronic pain conditions. The modality does not impart any limitations on the joints a specialist can treat. It serves effectively for the following areas:

  • Spine
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle

Getting Started

Beginning a new physical therapy treatment may seem scary or stressful if it is your first time. We often see patients at Progressive Therapy Center that don’t know what to do after they receive a recommendation for manual treatment from their physician.

You will discover that the intake procedure is very similar to a traditional doctor’s office visit. The office will require that you fill out the standard paperwork, divulging information regarding your medical history, condition, as well as any current medications.

Despite this seeming tedious, it is actually very important. After all, this information offers significant value to your physical therapist. The specialist will use this information to ensure they plan a proper treatment, in addition to addressing any concerns about your health.

At Progressive Therapy Center, we also recommend that a patient wears comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. We often get patients moving during the first meeting. Comfortable clothing additionally enables our staff to accurately and effectively examine your targeted areas.

The initial consultation also represents an ideal time to ask any questions you may possess. A specialist will ordinarily begin the session with some generalized questions about why you think you need therapy, in addition to any goals or expectations you wield. By establishing this relationship, a therapist can streamline and optimize your treatment!

Manual Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Our team commits to educating our patients, in addition to the local community on pertinent physical therapy issues. By utilizing this information, our staff helps patients by employing the numerous benefits that manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay can provide.

Our team enjoys nothing more than sharing our knowledge and experiences with the public, in addition to patients and our peers. Our mission is offering this education as we continue assisting individuals with overcoming their conditions or recovering from an injury or surgery.

The Progressive Therapy Center team goal is going above and beyond to exceed patient expectations. For this reason, we commit to providing optimal manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay. Our approach involves substantial effort on our part. We provide patients with the best possible treatment quality in a comforting environment.

For more information on how we can help you with manual physical therapy in Cutler Bay, contact Progressive Therapy Center today! Our team is ready to help you overcome a chronic or acute pain condition!