What is the Difference between Manual and Physical Therapy?

Manual and general physical therapy often get interchanged by patients, as well as the medical community. Unfortunately, with so many people using these terms in each other’s place this can cause a significant amount of confusion.

So what exactly is the difference between physical therapy and manual physical therapy? To put it simply, manual physical therapy is essentially a subset of physical therapy. While manual therapy still qualifies as physical therapy, the same does not apply to every physical therapy form. Manual physical therapists in Pinecrest additionally serve as physical therapists in the Pinecrest area. However, not every Pinecrest or South Florida area physical therapist is a manual therapist, and so on.

You may also wonder that as long as you receive the appropriate therapeutic treatment, does the difference really matter? At Progressive Therapy Center, we believe every patient should maintain their education on treatment options. This includes fully and comprehensively understanding their options, as well as knowing why a specialist recommends one over the other.

Our team is humbled when our clients seek our judgment concerning their manual and general physical therapy treatment. Although we remain flattered, we still commit to educating our patients. When patients know and understand why and how they receive treatment, this significantly improves outcomes. We believe this is due to knowledgeable patients equating to motivated and compliant patients.

Manual and Physical Therapy

The word manual imparts several meanings, including the word physical by definition. For this reason, it is understandable that people become confused regarding manual and physical therapy. Concerning manual therapy, consider the relevant definitions “using hands” or “hands-on” treatment. Manual physical therapy involves manual physical therapists in Pinecrest applying btreatment utilizing their hands.

General physical therapy ordinarily includes supplemental treatments that you could call “hands-free” or “hands-off”. These treatments often utilize exercise equipment or physical therapy machinery to assist patient recovery.

Amongst physical therapists, the differences between manual and physical therapy regard neither form above the other. Nevertheless, one form may offer a more appropriate solution and increased efficacy depending on unique and individual circumstances. The important thing for manual physical therapists in Pinecrest, in addition to any physical therapy professional, is assisting patients with bodily restoration.

Nonetheless, a significant distinction between manual and physical therapy resides in a specialist’s ability to identify the source of patient issues. Manual physical therapists in Pinecrest wield specific training to isolate specific tissues and joints that result in patient symptoms. These manual therapy techniques provide information that no other therapy analysis can recreate.

Manual Physical Therapists in Pinecrest – Assessing Your Condition

Manual physical therapists in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center normally begin treatment with hands-on treatment to assess the extent of swelling or inflammation. Their applied techniques help the specialist gauge the condition of the muscles, in addition to the tissues. Patients often tell therapists where their pain is located, but manual therapy can distinguish where it originates.

As an individual experiences pain, they often notice that their natural, instinctive response is to protect the injured area of their body. This is what many refer to as favoring an injury. Doctors call this instinctive response “muscle guarding”. Unfortunately, the more a patient favors an injury, the more likely they will end up with residual stiffness.

Favoring a muscle causes it to remain in a consistent contracted state. This leads to poor circulation as well as the muscles and tissues experiencing nutrient and oxygen depletion. As a result, this deprivation directly produces hardening and stiffness.

The injury will display as local swelling around the joint. The muscles related to joint function in this area begin guarding against the pain. As the inflammation goes away naturally, the joint remains stiff due to scar tissue in the area.

Favoring an injury by keeping it immobile does not allow circulation to supply sufficient oxygen or nutrients that allow an injury to heal properly. If a patient moves their joints employing proper assistance from a physical therapist or exercise equipment, they can exponentially reduce their scar tissue buildup.

Manual Physical Therapists in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

Manual and physical therapy help each other in a harmonious relationship. Despite each therapy imparting its own advantages, together they represent a truly dynamic team. At Progressive Therapy Center, we offer therapists wielding training and education in both manual and physical therapy techniques. This means that you and your quality specialist can make for a dynamic partnership as well.

Our team serves the South Florida community as a comprehensive source for manual and physical therapy treatments. Progressive Therapy Center is located in the heart of Pinecrest, providing treatment to the local communities that help alleviate and resolve a variety of issues.

To gain access to the full range of helpful techniques that can assist your recovery from injury or other derivative health conditions, contact Progressive Therapy Center today to schedule an appointment. No matter if you need manual or physical treatment, we can reassure you as you receive the best possible treatment for your symptoms.

Our team employs the latest technology and techniques available anywhere the in the physical therapy field. We take pride in offering patients with preeminent care by providing evidence-based research while we maximize our attention on their injuries.

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