Manual Physical Therapy

Human touch is the essential ingredient to manual physical therapy treatment philosophy, as well as approach with good reason. Patients respond positively to hands-on work. This positive response is exacerbated when patients and specialists harmoniously combine manual therapy with exercise, in addition to education. As a result, these facets lead to fast patient recovery and less out-of-pocket expenses.

The term “manual therapy” is a grouping of hands-on treatments. These applications help patients by treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Manual physical therapy encompasses a large group of sophisticated applications performed specifically by hand by uniquely trained and educated physical therapists. Its provisions might include mobilizations or manipulations in soft tissue areas and skeletal joints.

These techniques additionally aim for decreased pain and increased function. Most training programs concerning the modality in the United States last for four years as post-graduate programs. This education emphasizes clinical experience, classroom education, and comprehensive examinations.

The manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center want to help you further with some information concerning manual physical therapy, as well as what separates the treatment grouping from general physical therapy.

Who are Manual Physical Therapists in Palmetto Bay?

Patient outcomes often result better when physical therapists wield additional education and training in the orthopedic manual therapy field. This expansive range of treatment options is greater than standard physical therapy applications. Manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay can additionally utilize manual therapy for increased regimen individualization.

These added benefits include consistent revaluation and analysis concerning progress and procedure tolerance. The treatments from Progressive Therapy Center manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay reflect and demonstrate these results, imparting substantial training and capability.

Our practice encourages training and education past the initial level for every one of our clinicians. Most therapists will receive additional training through the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy. We understand that manual physical therapy can enhance every important aspect of physical therapy itself. Furthermore, it benefits patient education, as well as therapeutic exercise.

To put it plainly, manual physical therapy is a proven method to help patients get better. It also accomplishes this fast that virtually any other alternative. While most manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay will work with patient individually, utilizing manual therapy only as appropriate, outcome studies demonstrate optimal results from therapists that wield manual therapy training.

As a result, this equates to limited days off from work, and the activities you truly love in your life. Additionally, manual physical therapy results in less out-of-pocket expenses for patients overall, ensuring they receive preeminent treatment in a cost-effective manner.

Manual Therapy versus Massage Therapy

Many patients confuse these two modalities. However, each treatment imparts unique, significant differences.

A massage involves using rhythmically applied pressure to the skin and soft tissues throughout the body. This reduces tension, anxiety, stress, and promotes the body’s overall circulation, flexibility, and relaxation.

Manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay apply hands-on techniques to bodily tissues intending to assess and treat their condition. Through properly assessing body structure, a physical therapist can employ manual techniques to enhance a patient’s healing processes while correcting positional faults concerning irritated tissue.

Some manual therapy techniques that therapists utilize include soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, strain-counter strain, muscle energy methods, joint mobilizations and manipulations, as well as mobilization with movement techniques. Specialists can administer manual therapy to assess dysfunction, increase range of motion in joints, decrease pain, as well as improve overall healing and recovery.

Both massage and manual therapy is an effective, ideal approach that promotes overall health and wellness amongst patients. However, specialists must possess education and a high skill level for comprehensive treatment solutions. Manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center wield extensive education as healthcare providers, receiving instruction to use manual therapy to evaluate as well as treat their patients.

Manual Physical Therapists in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

At Progressive Therapy Center, our professionals maintain training and education. They additionally utilize manual physical therapy with patients to ensure they experience the results they need. This enables these individuals to return to work, as well as the activities they love while reducing their pain.

Our practice is an essential resource in the South Florida community as an outpatient therapy clinic. We aim to help patients by offering comprehensive, patient-centric physical therapy care. This includes administering regimens that contain manual physical therapy aspects.

Manual therapy imparts a number of benefits for patients. These incorporate pain relief and improved joint mobility. However, extensive evidence exists regarding increased blood flow and joint nutrition. Nevertheless, patients should always follow manual therapy with a brisk-to-moderate exercise regimen for optimal results. Exercise enhances manual therapy benefits, serving as an ideal treatment.

We maintain an emphasis on treating patients for their unique, individual conditions. A unique condition requires a unique approach and a unique therapy regimen. This helps them achieve preeminent results no matter their condition.

For more information on our manual therapy treatment, contact Progressive Therapy Center today to schedule an appointment. You can additionally learn more about how our manual physical therapists in Palmetto Bay can help you with an injury or post-surgical recovery.

The goal of any physical therapy treatment is bodily restoration, assisting the patient with a swift and efficient return to the things they love to do. We want to serve as your guide on your journey to recovery. Get in touch with our caring and concerned professionals today!