Manual Physical Therapy Applications for Lower Back Pain

We hope the following information from Progressive Therapy Centers will educate readers on the general background and history of mobilizations, as well as the effects, mechanisms, and contraindications of manual physical therapy treatments.

Between 65 – 85% of active individuals will suffer from lower back pain at some point during their lifetime. We appreciate the opportunity to assist a variety of patient that suffer from chronic lower back pain. Many patients experience pain relief after treatment. However, manual physical therapy is not ideal for every patient.

Lower back pain is very common amongst numerous individuals. In many cases, physicians even tell their patients that it is nothing to worry about. Some back pain will get better without treatment from manual physical therapists in Kendall after a short period of time. Patients can see some results from bed rest, as well as medication.

However, patients now rightfully consider another alternative treatment path, manual physical therapy. This may include spinal manipulations in order to treat muscles, in addition to joint pain. Physical therapy often combines massage as a part of manual therapy with a brisk-to-moderate exercise regimen.

Physical therapists that utilize manual therapy intend to ease back tension and stiff joints. As a result, this can often relieve overall back pain while improving flexibility. Manual physical therapy may include the following techniques:

  • Soft Tissue Work – Specialists apply pressure to soft tissue areas like the muscles and tendons. This pressure relaxed tense muscles while increasing blood circulation and easing muscle pain.
  • Mobilization – A physical therapist will employ slow to fast movements as well as gentle to forceful pressure. By employing this method, a specialist can manipulate joints and bones into proper position. As a result, patients experience reduced joint and muscle pain.

Manual Therapy Treatment

Similar to essentially any physical therapy form, the first step in manual therapy is a comprehensive assessment of affected areas. This can help a physical therapist determine if any risk or complications may arise from a manual therapy administration. The modality manages back pain, even eliminating symptoms entirely.

Furthermore, manual therapy is the ideal solution to mobilize soft tissues for lower back pain and stiffness, in addition to stiff joints, and muscle restrictions. The technique is great for gaping or opening up painful joints while applying manual traction for disc issues, lower back arthritis, and sciatica problems.

Manual therapy to treat lower back pain and tightness involve every major soft tissue technique. The applied methods by manual physical therapists in Kendall include hot or cold hydrotherapy, soft tissue manipulation, stretching, in addition to arthrofascial stretching.

Our specialists normally advise patients to begin manual techniques that warm tissues. Patients should also always stretch after the tissue is warm. This due to the relation between tight muscles and restrictions in joint motion. Additionally, manual physical therapists in Kendall will apply joint mobilization for this reason.

They will apply ice when there is a moderate to severe spasm. Ice numbs the afflicted area, helping to reduce swelling when present. Numbing also allows for deeper administrations than what is possible otherwise.

Specific soft tissue applications vary based on individual patients and their muscles that require treatment. However, for ideal results, specialists should treat the entire afflicted area from attachment to attachment.

Why is Manual Physical Therapy Important?

Despite some physicians feeling as though physical therapy is overdoing it for a number of injuries, the results that manual therapy imparts, show substantial evidence to the contrary. Patients don’t require manual physical therapy for every injury. However, when a specialist recommends a visit to an injury recovery or physical therapy specialist, they should set an appointment right away.

The longer an injury’s duration without proper physical therapy intervention, the worst it will likely become. Furthermore, medical research demonstrates that atrophy and permanent damage to nerves can take place within 24 hours of the injury.

By administering early physical therapy, this helps prevent this transformation by positively affecting the injury area before atrophy can take place. The patient’s body will experience less damage as a result, ensuring that they possess more time to heal as well.

Manual Physical Therapists in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Ensuring that you consult with a physical therapist before beginning a medicinal application or undergoing an invasive surgery may represent a prudent idea, depending on your condition. By avoiding these applications, you can reduce recovery time while streamlining treatment overall.

Once a physical therapist has a chance to analyze and evaluate a patient, they will additionally determine the root cause of their condition. This enables the professional to cultivate a proper course of action regarding injury treatment, recovery, as well as rehabilitation.

Progressive Therapy Center is an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Pinecrest. We focus on patient-centered treatment additionally aiming for swift, efficient, and effective recovery. Our manual physical therapists in Kendall will administer a combination of manual techniques with the most advanced technologies available in our field.

Through these provisions, our therapists will assist with a variety of conditions that include post-surgical, and injury recovery therapy. Our services also ensure that we provide our patients with optimal, comprehensive physical therapy care.

For more information on how our manual physical therapists in Kendall can help assist you with injury recovery, contact us today. We can help you return to the activities in your life that you love as soon as possible through preeminent manual therapy treatment.