The Goal of Physical Therapy for Lower Spine Pain in Palmetto Bay

Lower spinal pain represents the most common injury that results in individuals visiting a physical therapy facility or specialist. Nearly three-fourths of all Americans will experience lower back pain during their life. In fact, Americans miss nearly 150 million days of work due to lower spine pain.

Although most cases resolve naturally in less than two weeks with little to no treatment, some back pain imparts sharp, shooting, or radiating symptoms. This warrants a timely referral to a physical therapist for lower spine pain in Palmetto Bay to prevent recurring or worsening symptoms.

Do You Need Physical therapy for Lower Spine Pain in Palmetto Bay?

When patients generally wield good physical health and commit to a regular fitness routine, low back pain typically resolves without special intervention. However, some patients experience pain that begins radiating in their legs. In these instances, physicians will often recommend physical therapy, especially  If the patient experiences severe, unremitting pain, as well as symptoms that impart numb or tingling extremities.

One a physical therapist rules out a serious condition that could require immediate medical attention, they can design a treatment program that incorporates the following benefits:

  • Improvement of impairments in the spine or pelvis
  • Pain relief or moderate alleviation
  • Return to typical day-to-day activities as fast as possible

Although many patients think staying in bed is their best option towards recovery and resolution, this is counterproductive to natural healing. Physical therapists often recommend remaining active while modifying and reducing their standard exercise regimen.

Understanding Lower Spine Pain in Palmetto Bay

Most people equate pain to a sign of injury. Unfortunately, lower spine pain in Palmetto Bay is a different element altogether. Lower back pain may feel intense and persistent. However, this doesn’t necessarily serve as an indication of a serious or ongoing injury.

Pain is an experience created by the brain replicating danger signals, or a danger to the muscles and tissues in the body. During this process, the brain compiles information from the body, including our memories and emotions. This helps our nerve center decide if the body should feel pain or not.

The nervous system perceives lower spine pain in Palmetto Bay as a substantial danger, prompting us to stay in bed and rest. Nevertheless, this remains the wrong approach to natural, optimal healing.

Understanding pain in this way can additionally assist in determining potentially harmful activities. Staying active generally benefits patients more than remaining sedentary. This might include walking, light exercise, in addition to household chores. Contrarily, activities like heavy lifting with poor control will likely worsen pain conditions.

Exercises for Lower Spine Pain in Palmetto Bay

Individuals may avoid specific activities due to worry about feeling pain. Physical therapists can help people overcome this fear by gradually performing activities that they fear may bother them. These movements and technique break down painful activities into smaller, pain-free movements. As a result, patients often feel encouraged about their neuromusculoskeletal systems with positive beliefs regarding activity.

Perceptions of danger and fear prompt many people to stay in bed and recover. However, following a physical therapist’s advice is the best way to stay gently active. This will additionally help patients recover much sooner than simply resting and doing nothing.

Once patients return to their previous activity level, it remains vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lower back pain may not resolve swiftly, but it can return in the future without mindful actions.

The solution to back pain depends on the source of pain or the type of injury that a patient possibly sustained. The first step towards recovery is consulting with a doctor or physical therapy specialist. Here, patients may discuss recommendations concerning pain treatment in the spine.

Additionally, specialists may also make recommendations on restricting certain activities, medication, or physical therapy. Physical therapy consists of multiple different modalities to help loosen muscles and joints while educating on proper posture or movement.

These can help decrease pain while stretching and strengthening weakened tissues. Ultimately, by utilizing physical therapy care, patients restore their mobility and strength for the long term.

Treatment for Lower Spine Pain in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Physical therapists represent trained, licensed specialists that can help patients develop, maintain, and restore their optimal movement and function. These professionals specialize in helping restore flexibility and strength to the spine. This enables individuals to enjoy their life to the fullest, pain-free.

Physical therapy serves as an effective treatment with positive, long-term outcomes for patients that suffer from lower spine pain in Palmetto Bay. Nevertheless, individuals that experience initial success through physical therapy should consider the following points:

  • Developing an exercise regimen
  • Maximizing nutritional intake
  • Sleeping 7 to 8 hours
  • Maintaining good posture when standing, walking, or sitting
  • Avoiding improper lifting of heavy objects

Here at Progressive Therapy Center, our specialists use multiple modalities to help individuals get back to their daily lives. We focus on recovery in the most welcoming environment possible at our center in the heart of Pinecrest.

By employing physical therapy techniques, our patients experience the swiftest recoveries possible with the preeminent nonsurgical alternative. For more information on what our team can provide you, contact Progressive Therapy Center today. We want to set you off the road to recovery while helping you experience true rehabilitation in a welcoming environment.