Joint Replacements in South MiamiPhysical Therapy for Joint Replacements in South Miami

Joint replacement procedures are becoming more common. This is likely due to several different factors. People now participate in more activities that can degrade joints over time. Many individuals also now carry more weight. As larger individuals concerning both height and weight, people also live longer than ever before.

Additionally, the surgical process regarding joint replacements in South Miami seems virtually perfected. No matter if a patient is a former baseball catcher, or has suffered from arthritis for years, they can safely and effectively remedy this condition with joint replacement surgery for a hip or knee.

Nevertheless, patients often require physical therapy before or following the surgery. Despite a relatively small amount of attention on this modality, physical therapy remains a crucial part of any operational process.

A PT can take patients the rest of the way to a healthy, active lifestyle safely and effectively. This intervention will typically begin within a few days to a few hours after surgery. However, some patients visit a physical therapist before a surgical procedure. They can receive physical therapy in a hospital, their home, or from another healthcare facility.

Pre-operative Physical Therapy for Joint Replacements in South Miami

Once seemingly an afterthought amongst medical professionals, attending physical therapy before surgery is becoming a very common occurrence. Surgery itself is quite traumatic on the muscles and surrounding joints.

Undergoing a physical therapy regimen before surgery aims to accomplish two things: It prepares muscles and surrounding tissues to mitigate any operational damage from surgery and improves muscle strength that helps patients recover after the operation.

A PT can accomplish this goal by stretching their patient’s specific, targeted muscles and joints. This strengthens tissues may become weak over years of minimal use. They may also tailor administrations to help individuals that need specialized training to walk with assistive devices. These could include crutches or a walker.

When patients plan on undergoing joint replacements in South Miami, it is essential to consider visiting a physical therapist for the best possible outcome.

Post-operative Physical Therapy for Joint Replacements in South Miami

Once a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, they will likely remain in the hospital for approximately a week. Physical therapists can work with the other medical staff including nurses, occupational therapists, as well as surgeons.

Patients can expect some discomfort in the operation area. This includes some bruising and swelling. Fortunately, this is entirely normal, and nurses can help to manage the patient’s level of discomfort.

Physical therapists work to help these individuals get up and out of bed, taking their first steps on the new joint. This may take place on the very first day after the surgery. Patients typically begin walking on the new joint while utilizing a walker. As they improve, physical therapists can adapt equipment to suit their needs.

Although walking may not seem like much at first, this represents a massive accomplishment. This basic activity can help patients recover from anesthesia while putting weight on the new joint. The weight and pressure strengthen the new joint additionally moving fluid out of the legs and mitigating strength loss due to inactivity.

Even when a patient leaves the hospital, physical therapy will continue. This period will depend on an individual and their unique circumstances. Nevertheless, PT focuses on many of the same tenets as an in-hospital intervention. However, the physical therapist will adapt treatment to daily life at work, and in the home.

As time goes on, physical therapy will progress exercises. Outpatient regiments target important muscles to maintain stability around the replaced joints. This phase often involves customized and targeted modalities like moist heat, ultrasound, in addition to cold compression. Physical therapists know precisely when to apply these to help patients achieve their former activities and desired goals after joint replacements in South Miami.

Joint Replacements in South MiamiPhysical Therapy for Joint Replacements in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

PT remains an integral part of the medical process concerning joint replacements in South Miami. These specialists serve as experts in the science of movement. For this reason, they remain the ideal solution to help patients move optimally as biology intends.

A physical therapist’s intervention minimizes compensation in other parts of the body. This mitigates the risk of developing other complications, or worsening existing conditions. They will work with patients to help them safely and effectively in a welcoming environment. To learn more about physical therapy for joint replacements in South Miami, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!