Get the Most Out of Your New Joint

Joint replacements in Pinecrest represent a massive undertaking. It is representative that you are finally done living in pain, and decided to undergo joint replacement surgery. Ensure that you get the most out of this new joint by listening to a physical therapist. Comprehensively participating in your rehabilitation is crucial to ultimate success.

Physical therapy immediately after a surgical procedure can help your long-term mobility. This will also ensure that you move optimally safe on the new joint. Getting moving after joint replacements in Pinecrest remains crucial for the best possible results. For this reason, seeing a physical therapist remains a vital component to assist in the recovery process.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to help by offering some information on joint replacements in Pinecrest, in addition to how physical therapy intervention can help with recovery.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Recovery from Joint Replacements in Pinecrest

Physical therapy immediately after surgery is great for mobility. Physical therapists help resume mobile activities safely in a supervised environment. Furthermore, early mobilization will help mitigate future complications that could include pneumonia, blood clotting, on contracture within the new joint.

PTs can additionally help you learn how to use assistive devices like walkers or crutches. This will help you navigate steps safely before going out on your own after a surgical procedure and in the long run. The ultimate goal is ensuring that you can care for yourself at home while understanding the exercises you need to continue throughout the next few months.

When you elect to go through joint replacements in Pinecrest, you remain responsible for assisting with the fully-realized recovery of your new joint. This means following PT instructions while continuing rehabilitation on your own at home. If you refuse to follow instructions, the chances increase exponentially that you cannot experience successful joint replacement surgery.

As you increase the strength and range of motion in your joint, your physical therapy team can continue progressing these exercises. The ultimate goal is returning you to your typical day-to-day activities with less pain than you experienced before surgery.

Follow the guidelines that your PT team provides without impatience. You will suddenly notice that you can become stronger while remaining happy with both your new joint and renewed activity level.

Rehab after Joint Replacements in Pinecrest – What to Expect

You will experience some pain following any surgical procedure. However, this should gradually decrease as you work your way through the program. Physical therapists will discuss your recovery, goals, and medical history with you as they determine your range of motion, strength, and gait. They will focus on developing a care plan that remains sensible in regards to your goals and individual challenges.

Just as every patient remains unique, so too is every physical therapy treatment. For this reason, PTs cultivate treatment regimens for every individual’s specific needs and capabilities. Some patients may only need a few visits to rehabilitation. In turn, you may need more. The key is completing the entire recommended course of treatment for preeminent success.

Those that do not complete treatment after joint replacements in Pinecrest may experience prolonged pain, stiffness, and swelling in their new joint. These deficits can lead to breakdowns in other areas of the body. These might include areas that surgeons never operated on like an opposing extremity or in the lower back. This may result in worsening pain and orthopedic problems as time goes on.

Rehabilitation for joint replacements in Pinecrest can mitigate and even eliminate these issues. Physical therapists will devise a care plan that enables you to achieve your goals within an acceptable timeframe. Nevertheless, it remains essential to commit fully, and not overextend yourself. Gradual and progressive treatment is vital to make a full recovery from joint surgery.

Physical Therapy for Joint Replacements in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

It is important to remember, that although joint replacement may seem like the method to end all your mobility woes, the reality is that your joint will need some additional, continued attention to function in a normal fashion.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center helps individuals recover from their joint replacements in Pinecrest in our welcoming and comfortable center located in the heart of the neighborhood. We make you feel like part of our family with the right compassion and drive. This can help you successfully rehabilitate your afflicted areas.

To learn more about physical therapy for joint replacements in Pinecrest, contact our professional and dedicated physical therapy team today to schedule a consultation!