Life After Joints Replacements in Palmetto Bay

When you undergo joint replacement surgery, you may feel that your mobility woes are over. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if your surgery was for a hip or a knee. Your new joint will still need continuous attention, as well as care for normal function.

In modern medicine, hip and knee replacements utilize innovative materials that provide more durability and dependability. For this reason, they typically last much longer than former treatments.

However, even with state-of-the-art materials, in addition to minimally invasive procedures, rehabilitation remains essential for the best possible outcomes. These administrations do provide swifter recovery times and reduce the potential for infection. Nevertheless, proper intervention from physical therapy care can still improve the overall process no matter your age or mobility level.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to share some information on joint replacements in Palmetto Bay, as well as how physical therapy can help.

Rehabilitation is Critical in Assisting Joint Replacements in Palmetto Bay

Although you may feel like the last thing you want to do is get out of bed following joint replacements in Palmetto Bay, movement is key to optimal results. This can also help prevent potentially life-threatening complications.

A physical or occupational therapist may observe and treat you after a joint replacement surgery. They will likely begin administering a mobilization and exercise program soon after the hospital discharges you. Progressive Therapy Center tries to get our patients moving shortly after the surgery itself!

What to Expect from Rehab and Mobilization

Once the hospital discharges you after joint replacements in Palmetto Bay, they will typically recommend two to three weeks of at-home care. This intervention from a physical therapy specialist ensures that you can get around while at home. It also helps you to achieve any targets regarding range of motion, in addition to strength as well.

A PT will talk to you about your recovery, goals, and past medical history while they assess your post-surgical range of motion, strength, posture, and gait. Their goal will be to cultivate and implement a care plan that makes sense concerning your goals and specific challenges.

Every patient is unique. For this reason, physical therapy remains tailored to your specific capabilities and needs. Although many patients only need a few rehabilitation visits, others often require more. They key to success is committing to the program, and completing the course of treatment as time goes on.

Individuals that elect to not complete rehabilitation experience prolonged pain and stiffness after joint replacements in Palmetto Bay. They may even notice that the joint swells up in addition to these other conditions.

These deficits can lead to other problems that include a breakdown in other areas of the body. As a result, this condition can evolve into more severe pain and orthopedic problems as time goes on.

Nevertheless, with physical therapy for joint replacements in Palmetto Bay, treatment eliminates these issues. A PT designs, outlines, and implements a care plan enabling you to achieve goals and targets within an acceptable timeframe.

Physical Therapy for Joint Replacements in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

If you finally elected to undergo a joint replacement, you will remain at least partially responsible to help your recovery with your new joint. If you choose not to follow a PT’s instructions while continuing at-home administrations of physical therapy, you cannot achieve a successful joint replacement surgery.

Physical therapy care will continue to progress your exercises during your recovery as your range of motion and strength improve. The ultimate goal of any physical therapy regimen it to ensure you can recover, ably getting back on your feet. This means returning to your daily activities with less pain and increased functionality that you wielded before surgery.

Follow the guidelines from your PT specialist, and you should experience success. Don’t get impatient, and you will suddenly notice yourself getting stronger and more functional after each session. This can help you feel happier and more satisfied with not only your new joint but your regained functionality as well.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients recover from joint replacements in Palmetto Bay in the most welcoming environment possible. At our center located in the heart of Pinecrest, you can experience what it is like to receive treatment as a part of our physical therapy family.

To learn more information on recovery from joint replacements in Palmetto Bay, contact our dedicated and caring team today!