Joint Pain Treatment in South MiamiPhysical Therapy Care for Facet Joint Pain

The facet joints are little joints that link the vertebrae in our spines. The body wields two facet joints for each left and right vertebra. Facets may become inflamed due to injury, misalignment, overuse, and even due to a sudden or unexpected jerk in the spine.

These joints may additionally experience inflammation as a result of spinal aging. The cartilage that pads the joint surface begins wearing down. This leads to swelling, pain, and stiffness that many patients associate with arthritis.

Effective treatment of this condition typically includes specific joint mobilizations. This opens up and unloads the facet joint, taking the pressure off. Deep soft tissue mobilization to the surrounding muscles and tissues reduces pain, stiffness, in addition to tension.

For this reason, joint pain treatment in South Miami remains ideal for individuals that suffer from facet joint conditions. Research shows that a combination of mobilization and strengthening exercise can substantially reduce symptoms, as well as their return.

Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue Treatment

Hands-on treatment concerning the muscles that surround the facet region assist patients with their pain. However, this joint pain treatment in South Miami also improves muscle relaxation, in addition to the normal movement of the joints.

Joint Mobilization

Hands-on joint pain treatment in South Miami focused on the base level of the suffering joint surfaces reduces pain. This can additionally improve joint-specific mobility while educating adequate and proper joint movement.

Physical therapists can also target this treatment at the level of the spine where the patients experience pain. As a result, they can adapt and employ this modality to the degree of a patient’s symptoms to address specific problems.

Strengthening Exercises

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Joint pain treatment in South Miami that therapists focus on reeducating faulty movement patterns is what we call neuromuscular reeducation. This approach improves overall muscle coordination and facilitates muscle firing in areas with weak and inhibited motion. These motions may remain small. For this reason, strengthening exercises don’t aim to make muscles bigger.


This involves exercise that targets strength and enduring in the muscles and tissues residing closest to the joints. As a result, this approach works best to stabilize the joints better than simply moving them.

Activity-Targeted Training

Overlapping with occupational therapy, activity training involves targeted exercise to a patient’s specific goals, fitness activities, recreational activities, or job requirements. This joint pain treatment in South Miami helps suffering individuals return to their former lifestyle before experiencing their joint pain condition.

Ultrasound and Taping

Therapeutic Ultrasound

When used as a part of joint pain treatment in South Miami, ultrasound employs sound waves to reach targeted tissues. This signal contains a vibration that heats the tissues. Ultrasound is often effective to help calm sensitive tissue that doesn’t respond well to hands-on techniques.

This approach can also reduce localized swelling, relax surrounding tissues, improve blood flow, and break down scar tissue. Furthermore, the increased blood flow can stimulate healing through improved mineral and vitamin production in afflicted areas.


Physical therapists often utilize taping to offload painful joint structures in the spine. The tape provides support to these areas while enabling the body to optimize muscle function and movement. Joint pain treatment in South Miami including taping is an excellent way to allow sensitive areas to heal.

Joint Pain Treatment in South MiamiJoint Pain Treatment in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

A physical therapist is a trained, licensed specialist that works to help individuals develop, maintain, and restore their maximum movement and function. PTs specialize in focusing treatments on restoring flexibility and strength to the spine. This enables patients to enjoy their life, pain-free.

Medical research demonstrates physical therapy as an optimally effective treatment with positive long-term outcomes. Successfully joint pain treatment in South Miami will consist of hands-on, exercise, and mechanical approaches for the best possible results.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients recover in the most welcoming environment possible. At our center located in the South Miami/Pinecrest area, patients get welcomed and treated as a part of the Progressive Therapy family.

We involve patients in their very own, customized treatment program. This may additionally include exercises that they can perform on their own at home to improve symptoms, possibly even accelerating the pain treatment approach.

Our team wants to help you recover from a facet joint, or other joint pain conditions. To learn more about joint pain treatment in South Miami, contact the dedicated and caring team from Progressive Therapy Center today!