Joint Pain Treatment in Pinecrest for Arthritis

Many patients that receive a diagnosis for osteoarthritis understandably feel a little bit depressed. Unfortunately, this affliction wields no cure, with essentially no way to restore damaged cartilage in the joint.

Nevertheless, in spite of this condition, you can still possess some control over numerous factors that impart a significant influence on your overall quality of life. These factors could include your experienced level of pain, as well as your overall range of motion. In some scenarios, joint pain treatment in Pinecrest can even slow down joint degradation.

The key to controlling these crucial factors is a joint pain treatment plan that includes physical therapy. This modality aims to maintain your mobility while strengthening affected areas. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to share some of the benefits that joint pain treatment in Pinecrest can offer.

Occupational Therapy and Joint Pain Treatment in Pinecrest – Benefits

By working with a physical therapist, you may experience the following benefits of joint pain treatment in Pinecrest:

  • Maintaining, and even increasing your range of motion. Physical therapy aims to keep you mobile and wielding the ability to conduct day-to-day activities with minimal pain or stiffness in your joints.
  • Strengthening muscles that support arthritic and painful joints. This typically takes the pressure and stress off of joints. Physical therapists can accomplish this through resistance training and other forms of exercise.
  • Understanding body awareness. This is maintaining consciousness of your body as you sit, stand, or walk. Good posture helps you avoid putting unneeded stress on affected regions of the body.
  • Educating yourself on correctly using assistive devices like walkers, crutches, splints, and shoe inserts.
  • Finding ways to modify and adapt to your environment. This will help you commit to everyday tasks with ease during the day and night.

Occupational therapy in conjunction with standard physical therapy can also help get you back on your feet. Physical therapists will apply this modality with the goal of accomplishing specific tasks. Physical therapy may focus on getting a knee or an elbow strong. Contrarily, occupational therapy aims to get you out of bed and get ready without pain or joint damage.

Joint Pain Treatment in Pinecrest – Improving Your Fitness

Staying active is a crucial part when you suffer from arthritis-related joint pain. Many people feel afraid of exercise, worries that it will increase their pain or cause further damage to their joints. However, your joint design encourages movement. Unfortunately, this also means they can become weaker without proper use.

This situation may cause joints to become unstable, reducing mobility, as well as independence. Joint pain treatment in Pinecrest increases your general fitness through exercise. This may help you lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight. As a result, you can improve your general mobility and gradually increase your confidence level.

Nonetheless, it is essential to start any program gently, pacing yourself while gradually increasing activity. Think about your condition when you discuss things with a physical therapist. They will help you plan out a joint pain treatment in Pinecrest if you remain relatively new to exercise. The professional can also advise on special equipment or training you might need to get started.

It is always important to approach joint pain treatment in Pinecrest at a gentle pace. Pace yourself before increasing your activity. You may feel some pain when you first begin. However, the pain should subside as you increase your confidence and strength.

Arthritis and derivative joint pain may additionally result in stiffness and muscle weakness. This negatively affects your day-to-day activities. Your physical therapist can assess your strength and range of movement in the afflicted joints. This information will help them advise on techniques or exercises to keep your joints working right.

Joint Pain Treatment in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

Make sure that your chosen physical therapist pushes you hard enough. After all, you don’t want to commit to a program where you end up wasting your time. With our patients at Progressive Therapy Center, we will determine program intensity on a case-by-case basis.

The most important part is that you get started. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can feel better and start recovering from your joint pain. Find a physical therapy team you can trust with training in joint pain treatment in Pinecrest.

Our team works to help patients recover in the most welcoming environment possible, our center located in the heart of the Pinecrest neighborhood. For more information on joint pain treatment in Pinecrest, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!