Physical Therapy Joint Care for Arthritis Patients

Hand therapy or joint care for hands in Kendall is a specific type of rehabilitation performed by occupational and physical therapists. This treatment remains ideal for individuals that suffer from conditions that affect their hands, as well as upper extremities. Physical therapy often enables these individuals to hasten their recovery and return to a natural, productive lifestyle.

Many joint care patients experience accidents or trauma that leaves them with wounds, burns, scars, injured tendons or nerves, and even amputated fingers hands or arms. Others may represent patients who suffer from conditions like carpal tunnel or tennis elbow.

Arthritis is a disease that affects joints where two or bones meet. As the cartilage breaks down in these areas, the afflicted will experience a decrease or loss in their range of motion. This condition can affect any joint in the body. However, arthritis in the hands and wrist may make typical daily activities painful and sometimes impossible.

For those that suffer from arthritis, even simple motions like picking up a cup of liquid or brushing their teeth may experience substantial amounts of pain. These individuals also often wield stiff joints because they avoid movements that may increase pain.

Unfortunately, by not moving arthritic joints, they only worsen stiffness, in addition to pain. For this reason, these patients benefit substantially from physical therapy joint care for hands in Kendall. A physical therapy specialist can help educate on how to work through stiffness without causing further damage to the joint.

Although no cure exists for arthritis, physical therapy can successfully lessen symptoms. This enables patients to mitigate their joint pain and other derivative issues. Physical therapy specialists will employ a combination of the following therapies to treat arthritis conditions:

Hands-On Physical Therapy

Numerous physicians will recommend joint care for hands in Kendall to help patients treat their arthritis pain. Physical therapy works to strengthen joints that grow weak due to damage or inflammation. Hands-on physical therapy exercises often help reduce joint pain, as well as stiffness. However, the treatment can also aid in improving range of motion. This helps patients get more mobility in a shorter amount of time.

Occupational Therapy

This is a separate form of therapy that educates patients on how to manage their arthritis pain. Occupational therapy helps individuals work around their condition to achieve optimal mobility and comfort.

Therapists can show their patients how to best protect their joints from strain or damage that will often result in further pain. Certain activities and positions can actually worsen arthritis pain. By utilizing occupational therapy joint care for hands in Kendall, specialists will show patients the way around pain while helping recovery to a former, natural level of function.

TENS Therapy

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a method that employs small electrical pulses to target areas of arthritis pain. Specialists will place electrodes on the skin that cover the painful joint. These electrodes deliver low levels of electricity that pass into the joint, alleviating pain temporarily.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps individual manage their arthritis pain through kneading and rubbing muscles or joints. This stimulates and boosts blood circulation to painful areas. Not only does poor circulation contribute to joint pain, but optimal circulation helps carry vital nutrients to expedite the overall healing process.

Does Joint Care for Hands in Kendall Actually Work?

No individual therapy can alleviate arthritis pain entirely. Similarly, not every joint care modality will work for every person either. These treatment options are specifically intended to help patients improve and maintain the use, as well as range of motion of their arthritic joints. As a result, physical therapists aim to keep patients both active and independent.

When a specialist finds a method that works, this additionally doesn’t mean it will work forever. For example, TENS typically only works at managing pain for the short-term. Unfortunately, this modality is not an ideal solution for long-term or chronic pain relief.

Patients may also require multiple sessions of joint care for hands in Kendall to achieve optimal results. Physical therapy in any form does not usually represent a singular treatment success. Patients often need continued treatment to keep arthritis pain mitigated.

Joint Care for Hands in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

The solution to managing arthritis pain will likely utilize multiple combinations of treatments. Sometimes, this might also include medication, in addition to exercise, or hot and cold therapy. What is the best option when it comes to remedying joint pain? This is entirely unique to the individual. As a simple answer, simply the modality that works best for the individual’s pain specifically.

Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients recover from their pain conditions by administering physical therapy care. We help rehabilitate individuals that suffer from injuries and pain conditions in the most welcoming environment possible. By visiting our center in the heart of Pinecrest, patients experience what it is like to be treated as a member of our physical therapy family.

If you think you may suffer from arthritis or experience arthritic symptoms, it is important that you visit with a physician or other qualified specialist right away. These conditions often make people miss work, suffering through unnecessary pain.

For more information on joint care for hands in Kendall from the Progressive Therapy Center team, contact our dedicated and caring specialists today! We want to help set you off on the path towards preeminent recovery!