What is Hand Therapy in Palmetto Bay? How Can it Help You?

If you suffer from a condition that impacts your hands or upper extremities, hand therapy in Palmetto Bay offers effective treatment to help you regain your former productivity and independence, in addition to quality of life.

Occupational and physical therapists frequently rely on this type of rehabilitation to hasten their patients’ return to a productive lifestyle. This is the art and science of evaluating and treating injuries by relying on various therapeutic interventions. It reflects an evolution of care with specialization focusing on managing complex hand and upper extremity injuries.

Many patients that seek out hand therapy in Palmetto Bay typically suffer from chronic conditions or an injury that demands therapeutic intervention. PTs and OTs that offer hand therapy educate and treat their patients through preventative care, post-operative rehabilitation, as well as nonoperative therapy.

Qualified hand therapists evaluate and treat any problem concerning the upper extremities. They also work closely with physicians and their patients to offer them continued care that may begin within days of an initial injury or diagnosis. However, their treatment intervention will continue through the patient’s return to work or a formerly productive lifestyle.

Who Can Benefit from Hand Therapy in Palmetto Bay?

If you suffer from a wound, scar, congenital deformity, as well as fractures due to an accident, injury, or trauma, you stand to benefit from hand therapy in Palmetto Bay. OTs and PTs that rely on this care administration can also assist finger, hand, and arm amputees as well. This is mostly a result of hand therapy’s management of posture exercises, in addition to strength and prosthetic training.

Intervention from hand therapy may also enable you to alleviate symptoms related to carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and tennis elbow, in addition to arthritis. Hand therapists additionally extend assistance in treatment to those that suffer from strokes and neurological conditions.

In fact, therapy can offer you numerous advantages. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Customized splints and orthotic devices
  • Help with alleviating acute and chronic pain
  • Strengthening and range of motion exercise regimens
  • Reducing nerve sensitivity
  • Nonsurgical intervention, analysis, and treatment
  • Specialized tools and training to accomplish routine, daily activities
  • Training that helps individuals return to work and typical daily tasks

Hand therapists will begin asking questions about your history, and what happened to you as soon as your first visit. The more information they can obtain, the better they can help you. Hand therapy can even alleviate any need for therapy as they get muscles and tissues moving.

Hand Therapy Exercises

Physical and occupational therapists will employ specific movements and exercises that intend to recover and rehabilitate normal, pain-free movements. This might include education and work to optimize picking up small objects. It could also involve educating patients on motions that strengthen and stretch weak muscles.

A hand therapy exercise regimen will typically begin with strength and flexibility restoration. PTs and OTs may work in an area centered on the wrist since it serves as an essential part of the hand’s movement abilities.

Therapy could start with flexing the wrist and moving the fingers in each direction to maximize mobility. Additional stretching includes moving the palm up and down with small sideward movements for mobility.

Then, treatment can evolve into more precise movements that involve the fingers both individually and as a unit. They could ask you to form your fingers into a fist, and then opening them up to a maximum degree.

If you suffer from upper-arm issues, the OT and PT will also work the shoulders, forearms, etc. similarly to determine mobility and strength as they cultivate a regimen that helps patients optimize and expedite their recovery.

Hand Therapy in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Hand therapy will involve numerous different rehabilitative treatment interventions. Once a specialist can evaluate your condition, they can design and implement a program that best suits your needs and goals.

This modality exists to mitigate pain, not make it worse. Nonetheless, some situations will exist where you feel sore after the end of a treatment session. Pushing your body too far can worsen a pain condition and its symptoms. For this reason, it remains crucial to establish a working relationship with a therapist for the best possible results.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients rehabilitate in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible. To learn more about hand therapy in Palmetto Bay from our center, contact us today to schedule an appointment!