Are you a physical therapy first timer? Curious about what you’re in for on your first visit for physical therapy in Cutler Bay? The first thing we recommend you do is dress comfortably! You will be moving around for your physical therapy in Cutler Bay.

By the end of this initial evaluation, you will gain a clear idea about where your pain stems from, as well as some practical goals. You and your physical therapist in Cutler Bay can cultivate a unique treatment plan to help you recover.

What is Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay?

Most people possess a good idea about the basics concerning physical therapy. However, a common question is “Why do I need to see a physical therapist?” or “How is physical therapy different from traditional healthcare?”

A physical therapist in Cutler Bay is an expert on bodily dysfunction. This relates specifically to the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

A licensed physical therapist must earn their doctorate degree in the physical therapy field. They must also complete clinical internships, as well as practice extensive, hands-on training in a clinic.

A physical therapist in Cutler Bay is trained to both diagnose and treat pain conditions, as well as movement dysfunction. Similar to most medical specialists, physical therapists treat numerous injuries.

They also help with chronic pain and movement conditions. This involved rehabilitation both before and after surgery. Aside from injury treatment, physical therapy in Cutler Bay provides injury prevention conditioning and promotes a culture of wellness.

In summary, a physical therapist in Cutler Bay (like ours at Progressive Therapy Center) serves as a body mechanic. Essentially they treat the mechanics regarding your body’s operation and movement. Their goal is to get you operating at maximum efficiency, in optimal condition.

Time for an Evaluation

Your first visit with a physical therapist in Cutler Bay involves an evaluation. During the session, you and the therapist review your medical history, lifestyle choices, etc., as they relate to your issues.

The evaluation also contains some objective testing to help the specialist diagnose the injury, and determine a future treatment course. It is important to prepare yourself for some standard questions.

Where does it hurt? When do you feel better? What causes increased pain periods? All these help the physical therapist in Cutler Bay attain useful information.

Your therapist wants to educate themselves on the full picture of your general health. They will perform a screening concerning your main bodily systems. This analyzes interrelation between your symptoms. These tests include blood pressure, weight, and height.

A physical therapist takes the time to craft and implement scientific testing. Vast information goes into these screenings, considering your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

By assessing and determining these factors, your PT can likely diagnose the core issues relating to your problems. Additionally, this information equips the PT with a baseline measurement to further analyze improvement as time goes on.

Moving Forward from the First Session

It is important that you prepare yourself to begin your therapy from this first session onwards. Most physical therapists will provide you with exercises to further your treatment at home on your own.

Physical therapy is not intended to cause you pain. However, you may experience some discomfort as you move, stretch, and mobilize your muscle tissues with exercises, and hands-on manual therapy.

While day one is the beginning of rehabilitating your condition, many injuries demonstrate greater complexity than others, and healing takes time. At some point, you may ask yourself “Why did the therapist look at my ankles when I’m experiencing back pain?”

Sometimes, a physical therapy in Cutler Bay evaluation contains evaluations including seemingly unrelated areas of your body. Any evaluation a physical therapist provides is comprehensive. This means they include any factor that could contribute to your problem while analyzing your injury as a whole.

Can You Recover from an Injury on your Own?

Although it is possible to recover from many injuries without physical therapy in Cutler Bay, the methods and techniques certainly improve recovery time and quality. WebMD only accomplishes so much in regards to self-treatment.

It is important to remember that your physical therapist is an expert on the musculoskeletal system. A physical therapy in Cutler Bay program is custom fit for your body, designed specifically to make you feel and function better.

During your evaluation period, you should feel free to ask questions about your injury and treatment. Quality physical therapists will have your treatment mapped out after this short period of analysis.

Your involvement and feedback during your treatment are vital to a swift and optimal recovery. The physical therapist wants to educate and guide you as effectively as possible.

Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay with Progressive Therapy Center

Progressive Therapy Center is an outpatient clinic providing patients with physical therapy in Cutler Bay. Our clinic is actually located a short drive away in Miami’s Pinecrest neighborhood.

Our staff employs modern techniques and technology to ensure our patients receive a preeminent level of care and treatment. We analyze conditions and use the evidence-based research to cultivate a custom treatment plan.

Our goal is going above and beyond to meet, then exceed patient expectations. This involves preeminent treatment, as well as a patient’s active role at home. This helps optimize and streamline the recovery process.

For more information on Physical Therapy in Cutler Bay, contact Progressive Therapy Center today! We went to help you on the path to recovery, as well as a happier, healthier life!